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There are very few things non-Halloween that I will allow myself to think about before the end of October, and one of them is NaNoWriMo. I've actually been trying not to think about this, but then there were plot bunnies. Oh god, the plot bunnies. Y'all know I have no chill when it comes to sorting my various writing projects, whether I'm editing, drafting, or submitting. Right now, there's the one I'm editing, the one with beta readers, the one I submitted that's getting no bites, the one I'm around 30,000 words into and think of as my "Current WIP," the one I'm cheating on my Current WIP with via my notebook (because it doesn't count if it's longhand, right?), and the one that I'm trying NOT to write. How many is that? Seven? Maybe six-and-a-half, because one of them's a short story rather than a full-length novel? Let's not even TALK about my multiple perpetually unfinished fanfic projects.

I have too many ideas, you guys. Fortunately, this means I do okay coming up with writing prompts. Unfortunately, it means I am forever struggling to get anything done. The fact that I can manage to finish a rough draft, run it through various edits, and send it places with a query letter and sometimes a synopsis attached SUCCESSFULLY truly amazes me. And yet, in the years since I started NaNo-ing, I have only failed to finish a rough draft one time. Somehow, having a set starting date, a daily word count goal, and a deadline just makes the whole process smooth out.

Which is all to say: yes, I have selected a plot bunny for my NaNo this year. It'll be project 7, or the one I'm trying NOT to write, and I will commit nothing to either word processor or notebook paper until November 1st. I don't outline because it freezes my creativity completely. I've tried, it is always a mistake, I'm never doing it again. I won't edit, brainstorm, or otherwise work on any of my other projects for the duration of the month. I won't create a profile on NaNoWriMo's official site and forum. Not because I don't think it's a valuable service, but because I don't need another online handle to keep track of; I have plenty. I will put playlists and maybe fake book covers together for my own amusement while we're here. I will also track my progress on my own and post updates here and on Twitter. Oh, and I'll throw out a plot summary and working title probably around a week prior to the first of November.


Anyone else planning to NaNo this year? Have you picked out a writing project? Are you on the official NaNo site, or just doing things on the fly like me?
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Hiya! It's been a full and busy weekend, mostly in a good way!

Friday: Went to see "The Book of Mormon" with Mom. Loved it! I can definitely see the South Park influence in the style of humor and characters. Cringey in places, but I think deliberately so, because y'know, that's how they are. One thing I haven't seen mentioned a whole lot is how much of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's humor is both sarcastic and sincere at the same time. They love the characters they create and are good at making audiences love them too, even when they're making PHENOMENALLY poor choices you can see the consequences of miles away. It's really disgusting, but also really uplifting and sweet. I dunno, go see it, it's hard to explain.

Stuff about Monster Fest and Blessing Of the Animals! )
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I’m calling this the “Second Tier.” Bands that I consider my “favorite” bands but aren’t quite in the all-time faves slot. Something I’ve noticed about myself: I tend not to listen to music by genre. I will find one band in whatever genre I’m just discovering (like symphonic metal, or grunge, or industrial, etc.), get completely obsessed with that one band, and rarely move past a casual appreciation of other bands that are similar. Example: I adore Nine Inch Nails, but I only *kinda* like Marilyn Manson. I don’t dislike him, I just gave my industrial heart to someone else. For whatever reason, that’s how my music fandom works. I dive all the way in for some, but only dip my toe for others. These are the bands for which I dove all the way in. As this is a tier, not a list, I won’t be ranking them this time.

As before, the "5 favorite songs" are the first five I happen to think of. Most of my former "new shiny" bands wind up here. Doesn't mean I love them any less, it's just not obsession time anymore. (For now.) (They can always creep back into Spot Five.)


Next time: Casual bandoms. (aka Stuff I like but don't consider "favorites.")
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Boy, is there a lot of awesome stuff happening in my world right now. Which honestly feels a little weird, because so much decidedly LESS awesome stuff is happening in ~The World in general, so is it even okay to be happy about this? (Tarot reading this morning said: "You're good. Stay positive. The rest will take care of itself for now.") So. Still feels weird, but I'm going to roll with it.


Lined up in chronological order, all with question marks attached because I still haven't heard from my new supervisor and I don't know when I'm starting in my new position yet which further means I don't know my schedule apart from this week:

MONSTER FEST! Free con this Saturday. There's always awesome people in the dealer's room, so I'm gonna see if I can pick up another cool wristband or something. Woohoo!

TEA LEAF READINGS! Friday the 13th at a local tea shop that has THE BEST tea in the city. I'm drinking their Snowflake Blend right now--whole chopped almonds and a number of other tasty things.

ZOMBIE RUN! Charity event for the library--two weeks. Register as a "human" or a "zombie" and race around the city at dusk!

HONEY RADIO! Baby's first podcast! I'm excited/nervous and I have gone hunting for ALL OF THE MOVIES to prepare. Gulp. Wish me luck!

HAUNTED HOGWARTS! Harry Potter-themed haunted house event after hours at my new location! This is at the end of the month, and I was planning to help anyway. So excited!!

At some point I am also planning to:
  • Finish knitting scarves / wristbands for everyone (I'm about half-done).

  • Write stuff for the existing WIP.

  • Brainstorm for NaNo (I have a bunny picked out).

  • Find a Wednesday Addams dress for Halloween.

And finally, treat myself to at least one of the following music-related things if finances allow:
  • Another Birthday Massacre CD.

  • Nightwish tickets.

  • Black Veil Brides tickets.

  • Nine Inch Nails tickets.

Because apparently all my favorite bands MUST decide to release new stuff and tour AT THE SAME TIME. It's like 2007 all over again. Not that I'm complaining, just, there's only one of me, y'know?

/fangirl problems

The next Rhoda's Favorite Music post is going up later this week. Meanwhile, tell me about your Octoberween plans!
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Because I’m in a list-making mood and why not?

For a number of reasons, it occurred to me I’ve never done a comprehensive list of all my bandoms. I post music-related stuff fairly often, especially when I’m in SHINY NEW BAND, BUY ALL THE THINGS mode, as I am now. Still, it is very difficult to narrow my faves down to 10. I have my All-Time Favorites, which don’t change, and I’m pretty sure everyone knows what they are. (If you don’t, you’re about to.) There are four of them, so my Top 5 are those plus the New Shiny.

But what about the rest of them? My “favorites” on a lower tier than my All-Time Faves, music I really love but not on obsession-level anymore? I’m talking about bands I’ve probably seen live once or twice, that I have all or most of their albums, former BUY ALL THE THINGS artists that have since been shuffled down to my regular rotation. For now, I’m not including solo artists or bands I just *kinda* like but haven’t formed a strong emotional attachment to, or bands that I’ve shelved for later because I know I’d be totally obsessed if I looked them up properly. (This shelf is necessary. You guys know how I get when I have a new obsession. That's a year-long commitment or longer, depending on how many albums they have out by the time I find them.)

This is going to be a three-parter. “5 favorite songs” are the first ones that occur to me, because it is never just five songs. I’m not listing concert DVDs or documentaries unless they come with an accompanying audio disc.

Right--let’s do this!

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Belladonna time! Link! http://belladonnahorrormag.smugplant.com

I wrote a thing about the Fourth Wall. You should read it!
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I did NOT successfully talk myself out of buying that new TBM CD, in case you were wondering. It came in the mail last week and I have now listened to it five times in a row. Cannot pick a favorite song. Here is one of many:

So yep, I'm still in this hole, and not at all interesting in coming back out. I may or may not be knitting a black-and-purple wristband since I can't find any merch elsewhere. (Related: I have acquired yarn for most of your projects! I'll check back in a few weeks if I need more information. If you didn't raise your hand last time and still want a scarft/wristband/whatever, let me know!)
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...and I am math-ing furiously to obtain that Birthday Massacre CD. Yes, I'm still in this fandom hole, although now I'm in the Live Shows and Interviews stage. One of the x-factors in finding a new band is trying to work out what the fan culture is like. I can't figure out where the fandom hangs out for these guys. I'm hoping they're groovy and nice. Can't imagine why that wouldn't be the case. Unfortunately, when you've got a female vocalist, inevitably the comment section under every video (and I mean EVERY video) is littered with gross, misogynistic comments, no matter WHAT the greater fandom is like.

Anyway, I found something. It's hard to hear, but in the beginning some dipshit at an actual live show yelled, "Show us your tits!" AND THEN THIS HAPPENED:

I find this *immensely* satisfying. Yeah, I got nothing else I've mentally clarified enough to talk about yet, but I wanted to share that. As you were.
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When I first heard an Americanized Death Note movie was happening, I was . . . concerned. But because I'm *that* kind of superfan, of course I had to watch it anyway. I went in with cautious but hopeful expectations. Cautious, because setting this entire story in the US is a bad idea for several reasons (see my earlier post for some of them); but hopeful because I like Adam Wingard as a director, and I REALLY wanted to see how Lakeith Stanfield handled L. Honestly? I enjoyed it. Yelled stuff at the screen. Was sufficiently entertained for the duration of its runtime. I should add, however, that me being entertained by something is not necessarily an endorsement of its quality. There were things I felt worked about it, and other things that really did not. Let's talk about a few of them now. . .

GIF of Nat Wolff as Light Turner finding the Death Note

I'm here to make sure you burn. )
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ROUND 1 / many

FanGirl: I can't find a SINGLE Birthday Massacre album at any brick and mortar store anywhere, waaaaah!

Financial Adviser: Okay, that's irritating and all, but really you shouldn't be spending money on anything but gas, bills, and food right now.

FanGirl: I wonder if Barnes and Noble can order it for me. They know me in there.

Financial Adviser: Yes, you could do that, or you could keep listening to those two CDs you found at the library three weeks ago.

FG: I want the new one though!

FA: Are you...tired of Superstition?

FG: Of course not! But it's a library copy and it's not the same. There's no lyrics. There's no liner notes. And I can't add it on my computer because of the security widget!

FA: Just be patient. You will be able to buy it, and the new one, and all the others eventually.

FG: But what if I go to a live show and I don't know any new songs? How will that make me look?

FA: No one cares, I promise. And that's assuming they even come to VA while they're on tour.

FG: They might!

FA: Well, you can probably stream the whole album on--


FA: *sigh* No, no it isn't, but you have options that don't include spending money.

FG: But...Barnes and Noble! I have a membership discount card!

FA: You have $20 to stretch until next Friday. And you need to put gas in your car.

FG: I also have a credit card!

FA: NO. This is why we didn't want to get one, remember? You need to get that paid off, quit using it for non-emergency stuff.

FG: Okay, okay. WHAT IF I wait until my next paycheck, and then order it online? Oh look, it's actually cheaper to get it directly from their website!

FA: Plus shipping. And taxes. And don't forget you have to renew your car registration next month. And then we'll see.

FG: ...

FA: ...

FG: ...But I waaaaaant iiiiiit!

FA: OH just make some icons or something!

/END (for now)
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We were not in the path of Totality, but it was still pretty cool. It did a little ritual thing on the rooftop and read Mom's Tarot. That was my first time doing it for someone else. I'm getting more confident with this stuff, which was one of my New Year's resolutions which I almost never stick to, so that's good.

Anyway, it just kinda looked like someone dimmed the lights for supper for an hour or two, then it was back to normal. Glad I was here though! Incidentally, "THE TOTALITY" still sounds like some kind of a outer space movie monster to me.

In other news: I am officially on the payroll for Belladonna Magazine! The August issue is up here. I wrote an article about Gothic Cinema featuring Crimson Peak and Get Out. Also, there's a writeup about Mother Panic by someone else, if you're following the Young Animal comics! Always good to see some love for Young Animal.

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Because apparently Halloween starts in August now. Let's do this.

GIF of Winona Ryder as Lydia Deets in 'Beetlejuice'
w text "I myself am strange and unusual."


It's hard to pinpoint exactly when I nosedived into the "strange and unusual." I've always thought of myself as weird, and I've been low-key Goth for ages. My dad read me Edgar Allen Poe stories before bed along with fairy tales and Little Golden Books. I used to collect the shed skins of Cicadas and line them up in front of my bedroom window. I loved Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books, especially the gruesome illustrations, as well as anything by Edward Gorey, and I read Jack Prelutsky’s Halloween books until they fell apart.

I still have this moment of stunned disbelief when I meet people who don't love Halloween. Or who will just beg for candy and not dress up. I hate those people. Hate them! I will admit that Hocus Pocus utterly ruined my expectations for Halloween, and I still see the fictional Salem and its fabulous, fabulous Town Hall party as the goal I want to meet for celebrations one day; ditto the town in Trick r Treat. Still, I have never missed a chance to dress up.

Recently, however, I realized that my yearly "costumes" have been just exaggerated versions of how I dress on most days. My Halloween outfits from the past few years have been cobbled together from things I already own. So here is my not at all timely and possibly superfluous list of creepy clothes and accessories and how I acquired them. I’ve always had a darkish aesthetic, and this is where that’s gotten me.

So this is for those of you who haven’t amassed an unnecessarily large collection of dark and weird stuff. There are like a million tutorials and how-to lists on How To Goth On A Budget. And honestly y’all, it just takes time to pile up. I’ve had some of this crap since the 90s. But if you’re thinking the best way to be “authentic” is to buy super expensive, hand-made, boutique stuff--don’t. There are other ways.

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Y'know that feeling when you stumble over a band you've kinda heard of but never looked into and realize you should have been listening to them YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE ADULT LIFE? Yeah that.

More under the cut.
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On September 11, 2001, a young, struggling artist in New York was on his way to work when the World Trade Center fell. Like many of us who were shocked, saddened, and unmoored by the attack, he took a moment to reevaluate the direction his life was going. He decided to leave his job and start a rock band. His name is Gerard Way, and that band was My Chemical Romance. These days, he's an Eisner-winning comic book writer and curator of DC's new Young Animal imprint, the inaugural comic for which is his own reboot of the Doom Patrol series. But that turning point in his life and the staggering success he enjoyed because of it is why people like me know his name.

Doom Patrol Vol. 1 book cover; links to GoodReads page

Doom Patrol, Vol. 1: Brick By Brick--a subtitle that is horrifying once you have the context for it, by the way--is a kaleidoscopic fever dream of singing telegrams, sentient robots, a space ambulance that leaves a rainbow jetstream in its wake, a missing cat, time travel, alternate universes, and evil doppelgangers. If any of that sounds weird to you, you're not alone. One of the most common criticisms I've seen floating around is this "Whaaaaaat is even happening right now?" confusion and dismay over the plot and concepts in Doom Patrol. Apparently some readers found it too outrageous to follow. I did not have that issue, but honestly that might say more about me than it does about the comic as a whole. I've chosen to believe it means I'm on the right wavelength.

The main protagonist is Casey Brinke, a new character written for this reboot, along with a handful of others who eventually team up with the other members of the original Doom Patrol from the 1960s. (No sign of Elastigirl yet, but I have a feeling she’ll turn up.) Casey drives the flying ambulance, which begins its life as a regular ambulance, which is actually a living entity that calls itself "Danny" and starts talking to her, then reveals itself as an entire hidden pocket universe (it started out as a single street and had to take extra measures to protect itself), and finally turns into a time-traveling space bus because Casey is secretly the superhero Space Case, who can travel through time and alternate dimensions at the speed of AWESOME.

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This one knocked the wind out of me. I tried to write something eloquent and insightful and came up empty. I never saw Linkin Park live. Despite going to Projekt Revolution in 2007. (We left before their set. Not getting into why because it's not the time, and yes, I'm kicking myself.) Which means although I wouldn't call myself a "fan" on the same level as their actual fanbase, they did give me the best damn summer of my life and I cannot thank them enough.

That said, this is my favorite song:

Please, please, take care of yourselves. All of you.
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First, that thing I was vaguely hinting about (and probably should have posted about sooner but never mind that now): I had the opportunity to write a guest article for Belladonna Horror Magazine! Check it out, I did the Lost Boys article!

In other news: I did not get either of the two jobs I was holding out for earlier this month, but I just got a call for another interview--still library stuff, still full-time, so fingers crossed for that one. Interview is on Monday! Send good vibes! I also created a LinkedIn profile but I have no clue how to navigate it yet. Give me time. I'll get there.

Nextly, we are ALL over Convention Week at the moment, even locally. The library's free con, FantaSci, is happening this weekend, so I'm going to go and meet Leanna Renee Hieber, author of Tor's "Strangely Beautiful" series (which I haven't read yet, but I will). She's doing a panel on the history of Gothic literature. So OBVIOUSLY I gotta be there for that.

Lastly, I have somehow inadvertently introduced Mom to Supernatural. It's entertaining. And kind of bizarre, since I haven't revisited Season 1 since I got through my whole binge-watch. (THEY LOOK SO YOUNG! OMG!) I'm recapping the adventure on Twitter with the hashtag #MomWatchesSupernatural.

Happy Wednesday!
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Okay, I don't know if anyone else will be as amused by this as I was, but I have to share it. So every year (as of last year-ish) Gerard Way and Worm* do this charity livestream thing where they play board games and make art and take donations. Here is the promotional whatsit for this year's stream, coming up the second week in August.

ANYWAY, in the "fangirl mode on, must know all the things!" rabbit hole I fell into when I heard about this, I found a completely different stream with Worm and this dude Bill badgering Gerard into playing "Dead By Daylight." The game is EXTREMELY violent, they all swear a lot, and I recognize not everyone is into watching playthroughs like I am, but it's also pretty funny.

Just FYI, a solid twenty minutes collectively is them futzing with STEAM bc the game is in Beta and not loading all the way (and Gerard has trouble figuring out the controls), but about 9 minutes in is when they start playing the first time; and about 47 minutes in is when Gerard takes the role of the killer. AND THEN SHIT GETS REAL.

*If that name sounds familiar, it's because he used to be MCR's bodyguard/merch guy. I'm 75% sure I've met him at least twice.
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Stuff I did on my mini working vacation:

  • Introduced myself to the college library staff and let them know I applied for the full-time job there, so they know my face now.

  • Met many dogs! So many dogs!

  • Hung out with [personal profile] orangerful! We had lunch and she showed me *her* library, and I am jealous of her rad desk space.

  • Got up to 20k in my WIP, have gotten through the copying/pasting/editing part, and on to the transcribing from my notebook part. Progress!

  • Started my letter writing project, the impetus for which will be made clear in my fangirl-heavy Doom Patrol review which I haven't posted yet. (It'll make sense eventually.)

  • Visited many bookstores, record stores, and ice cream shops, and picked up Mother Panic. Very nearly picked up The Black Parade on vinyl as well, despite the fact that I really can't afford it right now and already have THREE separate copies of the same album. (The original, the collector's box set, and the 10 year anniversary edition, if you're wondering.)

ANYWAY. Had a most excellent trip. The first couple days were hard though. Way more social interaction than I prepared for. Pro-tip: if someone is taking a five hour drive to come see you, don't force them to meet a house full of brand new people on the first day. Jesus. (On the upside: dogs. Many dogs in this house full of people. Which means many opportunities to hide in corners and cuddle them.)

Downside: I got a call from the IT department while I was there, and I didn't get that job. Sigh. I just don't have enough experience with the specific programs they're using. Which isn't as soul-crushing as it could be, since this other job is higher on my list anyway.

It'll be much easier going up next time if I need to. Fingers crossed! I'm totally qualified for this one. Please, let me get this job and relocate.
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Hey gang!

I'm going out of town this weekend to pursue a full time job opportunity and I'm SUPER excited about it. Don't want to say too much because I don't want to jinx it, but it is another library, for a college, in Maryland, and I have *connections* there and a place to stay, at least for this weekend. So fingers crossed!! The reason I'm bringing this up here is I'm going dark on Internet while I'm away, just to focus and try to get some things done. I might watch Spider-Man: Homecoming while I'm there. (If anyone in the area knows about local theaters/would like to join me, let me know!)

Also--my review for Gerard Way's Doom Patrol is up! Link!! IT IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS!! I tried to keep this one professional, because it was for the library, but I'm writing another one to post on [personal profile] glitter_n_gore so I can gush properly, so stay tuned for that. But yeah, you need to read this comic. Exceeded all my expectations, it did.

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Hi! A lot's been happening! And I wrote some stuff! Have a buncha links!!!

My Werewolf Pride series over at [personal profile] glitter_n_gore is . . . gonna go over Pride Month, actually, but screw it these things never work out how I expect them to. Here's the one on Lupin, and here's the one on Ethan Chandler from Penny Dreadful.

At the library, I wrote a thing about Wonder Woman and another thing about American Gods.

I also wrote a thing for the paper about Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology, which I'm NOT linking elseweb because it's got a huge picture of my damn FACE. I'm cool with you guys seeing it, but what the hell. I dunno who took over their web master duties, but guest reviewer photos go on the BOTTOM. And are very small. The header should be an image of the actual book. Like, nobody knows who I am, that image is going to draw in zero readers. Also I dunno why some editors somehow make the grammar and spelling WORSE but I assure any mistakes you see in this article aren't mine this time. Pfft. /rant

Other things I did not write include: WAYWARD SISTERS!!! THAT LADY-CENTERED SUPERNATURAL SPINOFF THE FANDOM HAS BEEN BEGGING FOR!!!! IT IS HAPPENING!!!!!!!! Here is one of many "OMG FLAIL FLAIL FLAIL (pleasedontfuckitup)" speculation/wishlist think pieces out there so I don't have to write one myself.

But I do have a few provisos to add to it. Putting these under a cut so they don't take up too much space....

Rhoda's Personal Wayward Sisters Wishlist )


Sense8, while still cancelled, is not ending on a cliffhanger as folks feared when the cancellation was announced. Lana Wachowski released this open letter describing a two-hour wrap up finale/followup type thing that will satisfy viewers' curiosity and give them some closure. It's not quite like bringing back the show altogether, but it's better than nothing. More importantly, this, along with the Wayward Sisters spinoff, proves that fans can get shit done. Network heads don't entirely ignore us and that's important to remember. I....just wish I actually *liked* Sense8 so I could share in this victory with you. I'm very happy for fans of the series that this is happening, but I uh, still haven't watched Season 2. (There are reasons for this, but seeing as this is a Happy Joy Yay Good Things time for the fandom, I'm not going to talk about them today.) I will say that announcing the cancellation of the most unapologetically queer show on Netflix at the beginning of Pride Month was a shit thing to do, so I'm glad they "fixed" it (sort of) while we're still in June. It's a small favor, but still.


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