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One of the many rights of passage for a Harry Potter superfan is Sorting. In the early 2000s when the movies started filming, I came across a few Sorting Hat quizzes online, and almost always wound up in Ravenclaw. So, over time, despite not having joined the official site, I just got used to thinking of myself as a Ravenclaw. All my friends, both online and in meat space, expressed very little surprise when I told them this. "Yeah, that suits you," or "Well of course you are," were oft-repeated phrases. And once, from a beta reader, "Either that or Slytherin, obviously," which . . . I'll come back to.

GIF of Harry under the Sorting Hat muttering “Not Slytherin”

So imagine my surprise when the official, J. K. Rowling-approved Pottermore site put me in Gryffindor. "B-but I'm a Ravenclaw!" I sputtered at the screen in disbelief. Why did this bother me so much, and what does it have to do with The Chamber of Secrets?

Well. . .

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Possibly the most significant pop culture phenomenon that I watched unfold in real time is the Harry Potter franchise. This coming June marks the 20th anniversary of the first book coming out through Scholastic. And good lord, how was 1997 twenty whole years ago? So of course I had to do a retrospective. I hopped on the Hogwarts Express during what fandom calls the "Three Year Summer" - that painfully long stretch of time between the fourth and fifth books. During that time I started college, created an online handle that I still use to this day, and Warner Brothers began work on the movies, the first two of which I saw in theaters before the next book finally came out. So I was a little older than the target audience base in that first generation, but not by much. We early Millennials grew up with these characters, much like Generation X before us grew up with Star Wars.

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PSA: This post is now Public. It wound up being more culturally relevant than I originally anticipated. Just an FYI to my regular followers.

Mrs. Jon Snow

Mrs. Rhoda Snow

Mrs. Nightingale-Snow

Rhoda Rant-Snow

I've had a revelation.

So, you know how I like to whine about how much I loathe love stories in general, and Romance (TM) in particular? Well, I don't think it's the genre. Or even my orientation, which I admit makes it damn near impossible to relate to the whole Love At First Sight thing (or the more common Lust At First Sight thing) that most pairings in romantic stories are built on. Or even the deliberately formulaic setup that most of the stories are forced to comform to, given the rigid structure and explicit rules laid out in genre romance. (Seriously, the rules and expecations in genre romance are amazingly stringent--I take my hat off to anyone who can write a compelling story while abiding by them.)

It's not any of those things. Not really. It's the fact that, no matter how many romances I pick up, the heroes are invariably not what I'm looking for in my unrealistic, idealized fantasy man and therefore I can't be arsed to care about the Happily Ever After. If you can't fall in love with the hero in a romance, you're not gonna get on board with the love story. What I've never been able to do (until now) is put my finger on what sort of hero I'm actually interested in. I just didn't put much effort into seeking out love stories after being disappointed, annoyed, bored, or just plain insulted by them over and over. Leading off that, I assumed the sort of character I could get really excited about and want a love story from just didn't exist.

I was wrong. Technically this character is not a romantic hero, because the universe he inhabits is a grimdark epic fantasy. But he does exist. His name is Jon Snow.


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On a completely different note, for those of you who didn't see my ETA last time: I am caught up on Hannibal. We'll talk about it LATER. Because I have QUESTIONS. About stuff that happened LAST SEASON. (I'm not angry, just bewildered and slightly traumatized.)
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In this entry: Ilfayne's Bane, Wild Cards & Iron Horses, Night Shift (Saintcrow's, not King's), Personal Demons, A Great and Terrible Beauty, Equations of Life, Theories of Flight, Soulless, Blood Ninja and A Princess of Mars.

Yes, I picked that icon for a reason. ;)

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Greetings! This is what I'm doing for the 100 Things meme. Since I don't want to take up too much, or too little, space here, I'm A) not including the book covers under the cut, and B) spacing the entries out to 10 books per post. That'll give me ten days to get the whole thing wrangled, I think.

FYI: These posts are going to be public (not f'locked) at least until/unless I wind up with any spam or other such nonsense in the comments.

This entry includes: Half World, Libyrinth, Passion, Treasure Island, Minion, Parable of the Sower, The Keeper, A Monster Calls, House of Leaves and Hollowland.

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