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As promised. :) Enjoy!


10 Things I Hate About You--1
Benny & Joon--1
Harry Potter--4
The Crow--2
The Princess Bride--3
Romeo + Juliet--3
Lord of the Rings--2
Sleepy Hollow--4
Sweeney Todd--3
The Woman in Black--2
My Chemical Romance--3
Emma Watson--3

Friends Only Banners:

Lord of the Rings--2
My Chemical Romance--2
Sweeney Todd--1


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All the usual rules apply--want, take, have, give credit.
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So, as you may or may not know, things are going very much "blah" with Drummer Boy. He's a nice guy, he means well, but there's just nothing going on there. How exactly do you tell a guy, "I'm just not that into you?" without saying either that, or "Let's just be friends?" *sigh* Dating is a pain the ass. I mention this only to attempt to explain why I find myself suddenly lusting after a German synth-pop band who collectively all look like sixteen-year-old girls. 26 solid years of celibacy must be getting to me.

Cinema Bizarre, "I Came 2 Party"

There are two types of people in this world, folks--those who possess the fangirl gene, and those who don't. In my defense, I still hate Twilight. (Well, lolfan hate, anyway. It goes back and forth a bit.) Don't judge me, and I won't judge you.

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Title: "Supernova Rising" aka "When Fandoms Collide"
Author: rhoda_rants
Length: Multi-chapter
Chapter: Prologue
Rating: Teen / PG13
Summary: The Cullens are preparing for the coming of the Volturi, training their family for combat, developing Bella's shield power, and gathering witnesses. But before the Volturi arrive, the mutant known as Wolverine passes through Forks on his motorcycle.
Characters: From X-Men: Rogue, Remy, Logan, Jean, Storm, Bobby; From Twilight: Alice, Jasper, Bella, Edward, Carlisle, Nessie, Kate; all canon pairings
Warnings: Alternate Universe, some violence
Author's Note: Part action, part drama, part romance, with a dash of comedy; dedicated to those of us who wanted a real fight at the end of Breaking Dawn.
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own, don't sue.

Prologue )
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Ah, nothing like summer to pimp my local library for all it's worth! (And nothing like an economic recession to point me towards the library rather than the bookstore for a change. Saving is good!)

Just finished: Charlaine Harris's Dead and Gone, the latest installment of the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire novels. It actually came out two months ago, but I didn't get around to reading it right away because A) no money, no time, etc. and B) it's been so long since I read the preceeding books, I decided to do a reread of the whole series before picking it up. I was not impressed. There's way too many fairies in this "vampire" book for my liking, and it still left me wanting Moar Eric. I may be ready to throw in the towel on this series for good.

HOWEVER, I have more plans for the reading I feel I should do this year.

The list thus far: )

Of course, on top of all this is my constant rereading and editing of my novel; my work on various other stories in various states of completion, including fanfiction; my quest for a library school not too far from home that will both accept me and teaches in-class, rather than by computer; and of course my existing chores, debts, and full-time work stuff. Wish me luck!
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A few of these I did as commissions for various people elsewhere on the interweb, but most I just did 'cause I was bored. I'll be uploading more later. Let's start with movies, shall we? (I'm not the best icon-maker on the net, but boy is GIMP fun!) No Twilight (yet), but give me time. Feel free to download, upload, and credit me, of course.



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I'm sure this has little relevance to anyone, but I'm doing it anyway: So, the final (un)showdown of Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn includes a crapload of sparklepires we've never seen or heard of before, all with shiny new superpowers that have an uncanny resemblance to a certain decades-old superhero team that Meyer may or may not have completely stolen the idea from. Honestly I don't think there's any malignance in this similarity, but I do find it hilarious. And I've wondered from time to time if, given the chance, the X-Men could take on the Cullens/Volturi/whoever else felt like showing up in a fight. So I broke it down one character - and power - at a time. Yes, I do have a life, really (no, really!) but it's my day off and I'm bored.

Sparklepires vs. Mutants: GO! )
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Firstly, I freely admit that I saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine solely for the pretties. I mean, my favorite Foxy Ozzie is no longer among us, so Hugh Jackman is going to have to step in. And lemme tell ya, he fits that role just fine.
However, I was quite distracted by this one: )
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This might be completely unnecessary, but Rhoda's bored, and there's this nice, convenient blog right here waiting for me to post on it, so here goes nothing:

I did not come up with the term "motley" - at least not as it applies to myself - on my own. During my senior year in college, I spent a semester abroad in London, and in my Shakespeare class (one of two - the other was more literature-based, this was more drama-and-local-history-based; yeah, I'm that kind of nerd) I met a girl called Elisa who decided it suited me. "Motley," of course, is a word generally used to describe the outfit worn by the "fool" character in a play. These days it conjures up an image of a brightly colored, hat-with-bells-on, harlequin style court jester. But originally, the word refered to a raggle-taggle assortment of pieces that are indeed, brightly colored, and sometimes fun, but often mismatched and nonsensical. Think early Madonna or Cindi Lauper if they'd been transplanted to Elizabethan England, and you'll about have it. Better yet, think of Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight, because that, my friends, is modern motley. (Motley-punk, if you will.) (Incidentally, I threw the 'Core' on the end just because I thought it sounded cool. And that's really the only reason.)

Still with me so far? Good. So in the Shakespeare class, our final project required us to select one scene from one of the plays we'd studied that term and perform it for the rest of the class. Elisa and I chose a scene from Twelfth Night, and I took the role of Feste - the fool. (She was the heroine whose name I forget and can't be bothered to look up at the moment - she was in disguise and attempting to get into a party by way of matching wits with me, guarding the door.) As I didn't have a court jester's outfit on me at the time, we went old-school with the costumes and I just threw a bunch of random things together, as many layers as possible - rainbow-striped knee socks, red-white-and-blue pinstripe waders, green-and-purple plaid over gingham, a fuzzy hat and a bright pink jacket. Oh yeah. I went all out. After class that day, we were meant to go on a mini walking tour of London with our teacher to check out the important sights in Shakespeare lore. I was a little worried that I'd stand out in that nutty get-up, but Elisa assured me that A) this is London after all, everyone dresses weird, no one will notice; and B) in a weird way, it totally suits me. I am a bit motley.

So then I started thinking about that. She's right - I am motley. I don't fit snugly into any particular category, but I choose what I think of as the best bits of many, many different ones. A few examples:

I have gothish tendencies, but I can't call myself a full goth. I don't care about The Cure, I don't always dress in black (although it happens by accident sometimes), and I don't (always) hate life. However, I do read quite a bit of Victorian poetry (Browning and Tennyson are faves), I think cemetaries are romantic, and I love, love, love vampires.

I'm not a total comic nerd because my collection isn't anywhere near full and the only reason I know about Watchmen is because they're making a movie of it now. But I did read a lot of X-men growing up, I have a full set of Neil Gaiman's Sandman graphic novels, and I take a firm stance on the Marvel vs. DC debate. (DC, dammit. Two reasons: Batman and Vertigo. So there.)

I'm well-versed in science fiction, but I'm not a full-out geek for two simple reasons: One, I don't have the time or energy to devote to the scientific theory behind the fiction; Two, I still have a lot of reading to do that may or may not happen depending on where my priorities go book-wise. However, I can recite Isaac Asimov's 3 Laws of Robotics from memory (and am familiar enough his 'verse to know that the Will Smith movie was a fucking travesty without even having seen it), I've read Orson Scott Card's entire Ender saga, and I own a director's cut DVD of George Lucas's THX1138.

I'm also afflicted with what I've affectionately named The Fangirl Gene, and that takes up a lot of time, especially on the internet. More on that later.

So you see, I don't know everything there is to know about any of my beloved fandoms. That doesn't mean I love them any less. It means I have a short attention span, my obsessions come in bursts, and I devote myself to different aspects of fandoms for different reasons, and occasionally come back to one to pursue a line of inquiry I hadn't previously been interested in. I'm a motley. I have a thousand different bits and pieces, and they may not look like they all fit together, but they all fit me.

Gold stars and instant friending for anyone who actually read that whole thing. Show of hands? Anyone?


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