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Stuff I did on my mini working vacation:

  • Introduced myself to the college library staff and let them know I applied for the full-time job there, so they know my face now.

  • Met many dogs! So many dogs!

  • Hung out with [personal profile] orangerful! We had lunch and she showed me *her* library, and I am jealous of her rad desk space.

  • Got up to 20k in my WIP, have gotten through the copying/pasting/editing part, and on to the transcribing from my notebook part. Progress!

  • Started my letter writing project, the impetus for which will be made clear in my fangirl-heavy Doom Patrol review which I haven't posted yet. (It'll make sense eventually.)

  • Visited many bookstores, record stores, and ice cream shops, and picked up Mother Panic. Very nearly picked up The Black Parade on vinyl as well, despite the fact that I really can't afford it right now and already have THREE separate copies of the same album. (The original, the collector's box set, and the 10 year anniversary edition, if you're wondering.)

ANYWAY. Had a most excellent trip. The first couple days were hard though. Way more social interaction than I prepared for. Pro-tip: if someone is taking a five hour drive to come see you, don't force them to meet a house full of brand new people on the first day. Jesus. (On the upside: dogs. Many dogs in this house full of people. Which means many opportunities to hide in corners and cuddle them.)

Downside: I got a call from the IT department while I was there, and I didn't get that job. Sigh. I just don't have enough experience with the specific programs they're using. Which isn't as soul-crushing as it could be, since this other job is higher on my list anyway.

It'll be much easier going up next time if I need to. Fingers crossed! I'm totally qualified for this one. Please, let me get this job and relocate.
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Hey gang!

I'm going out of town this weekend to pursue a full time job opportunity and I'm SUPER excited about it. Don't want to say too much because I don't want to jinx it, but it is another library, for a college, in Maryland, and I have *connections* there and a place to stay, at least for this weekend. So fingers crossed!! The reason I'm bringing this up here is I'm going dark on Internet while I'm away, just to focus and try to get some things done. I might watch Spider-Man: Homecoming while I'm there. (If anyone in the area knows about local theaters/would like to join me, let me know!)

Also--my review for Gerard Way's Doom Patrol is up! Link!! IT IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS!! I tried to keep this one professional, because it was for the library, but I'm writing another one to post on [personal profile] glitter_n_gore so I can gush properly, so stay tuned for that. But yeah, you need to read this comic. Exceeded all my expectations, it did.

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Library Patron: I need to print this thing!

Me: Okay, we can do that! It's [price] per page, do you have any money on your library card, or do you need to add some?

LP: Uhhhhhhhhh....

Me: Let's start over: How many pages do you need?

LP: Uhhhhhhhhh....

Me: Y'know what, let's walk over to this computer together and get you started.

[some minutes later]

LP: I typed in my email and it gave me this error message!

Me: Ah. See, this is the search bar for the library catalog. Not for the internet. To get to your email, you need to type in the address bar *points* here.

LP: Ooooooooh.

[some minutes later]

LP: I can't remember my password!

Me: For your account?

LP: No, for my email! When I do email on my phone it's just there and I never need a password. My son/daughter/nephew/neighbor's kid set it up for me!

Me: Okay. There's usually a "Forgot my password" link on the login page. *looks* There it is! Click on that and it'll pull up a security question or send a code to your phone or something.

[some minutes later]

LP: But where is it? Where's the thing I need to print?

Me: *trying not to faint at the 1,000+ unread emails in the inbox* Well, do you know who it's from?

LP: *tells me who it's from*

Me: *scanning similar-looking names with attachments on* Okay, is it this one? This one? What about this one?

[some minutes later]

LP: Hey, why does it say I owe money? I don't owe money--I returned those books last week!

Me: No no, that's the amount of money you just added for printing. It's not a fine, I promise. If you did have a fine that would be *points* here.

LP: Ooooooooh.

[some minutes later]

LP: Yay, the thing I needed to print! Thank you so much for all your help!

Me: You are so welcome--have a great day!

LP: You too! *logs off the network somehow instead of logging out of account so I need to restart the computer*

Repeat at least 3x daily. I do love my job, but it requires....patience.
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Here's a few of the things I've been up to in the Real World lately:

New IT position opened up at the library. Full-Time. Wants people experienced in computer-related stuff, customer service, data analyzation, and software specific to libraries. I CAN DO THIS. The application process is a little different though, so I have to figure that out and get it done. But yeah, I can do this. DATA COLLECTION IS WHAT FANGIRLS DO. Weirdly, I feel like I've been prepping for a job like this unintentionally since I first taught myself HTML so I my late '90s fanfics would format correctly on GeoCities. Our skill set comes from everywhere, my dudes. Find a way to capitalize on it.

Also--post up on the library blog about American Gods here! I also sent in a draft for one about Wonder Woman, and I'll let you know what that goes up.

I wrote a print review for Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology as well, so that should be in the paper and their website sometime next month. Stay tuned!

Over at Glitter n Gore I wrote this introductory post for my Bisexual WereWolf Series. I am working on a more detailed write-up about Lupin specifically, and since I asked this on Twitter as well I'll ask here too: Do you think Lupin is bi? Why or why not? Thanks for the input!

I also got permission to write another thing which I'm too excited about to jinx it but STAY TUNED!!!!

Lastly--Wonder Woman Icons! I got your Wonder Woman Icons right here:

Just a few to start with. There will (might?) be more. Take. Have. Enjoy. I saw the movie for the SECOND time last night by the way, and it's even better the second time around. AND THE BLACK PANTHER TRAILER DROPPED YESTERDAY!!!!! I am delighted about both of these movies and I need y'all to squee with me. (Seriously. Bury me in squee. It's been a hard week otherwise for reasons that elude me.)
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ETA: This entry is now public, temporarily, because something's gone wrong with my layout and I need the tech folks to look at it and help it work out what the crap happened.

Yep, my internet's still a touch wonky. Restarting helps, but I don't want to do that every day if I can avoid it. Hm. Maybe the universe is telling me to get offline a bit more? I dunno.

Also, my iPod is throwing one of its semi-monthly hissy fits by not playing when I hit "play." It's a Shuffle, and not that fancy, so I don't know if it's just old or what, but I really don't want to buy a new one. I need my running mix, man!


Stupid machines. . .

SO! If you haven't heard about this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge business, my library has done it--not comfortable posting videos of Real Life people who aren't me, but trust me, it was hilarious. Here's the deal: in order to raise awareness, you A) make a donation and tell people about it, 2) dump a bucket of ice water on yourself WHILE FILMING, and "nominate" three others to take the challenge, 3) both. Some celebrities have gotten in on it too, including Matt Damon, George Takei, and Matt Smith. The thing is going viral on a Real Life and Fandom level for me, which is all kinds of awesome.

Speaking of awesome: At the library yesterday, this poor girl was trying oh-so-discreetly to ask me if we had any albums for One Direction and another boy band I've already forgotten the name of. (5 Something? I dunno--we didn't have it, still waiting on an order I think.) But she was all shy and worried about her "reputation" going down because of listening to this music instead of . . . whatever the kids think is ~Cool these days, I don't know. And I had the pleasure of saying, "Listen: I have five Backstreet Boys CDs in my car right now. You have nothing to be ashamed of." Maybe it's a leap to hope she'll assume that I'm awesome and worth listening to, but librarians are generally better thought of than, say, teachers or parents, at least from what I remember. I also remember how much shit I put up with back in the 90s when I was in high school, and how little any of that matters now. As an aside, all the One Directioners I've encountered have been consistently groovy and sweet. I'll probably never be a fan, but they must be doing something right, because their fans are such good kids.

Speaking of fandom: Yes, I've seen the Series 8 premiere of Doctor Who, and yes, I have a Thing to say about it. When I finish organizing my thoughts. I'll just leave you with this: What if my dream had come true and they HAD cast Emma Watson as Twelve? Just let your imagination run with that a bit. You're welcome! ^_^
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I am blogging at 7am because I woke up with an itch in my brain that needed scratching. Something that I noticed yesterday was bugging me on a superficial level, and my sleeping brain has just now figured out why: Someone at the cafe stole $20 from my wallet.

Read more... )

ETA: I'm an idiot. Nothing's stolen. I just forgot about the acapella concert I went to this week and the CD that I bought there. D'oh! (Needless to say, I called the cafe back to clear up the misunderstanding. This is why I don't normally get up before 10. My brain just doesn't WORK if it's still in single digits.)
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WOOO!!!! *happy dance* I love birthdays. I don't even know what I want this year--well, apart from [livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire's latest, because that comes out very shortly after my b-day, but I'm gonna get that myself with one of the giftcards I always get from someone.

Did anyone get April Fool'd this year? I didn't. Unless you count The Fates, because I got fucked over royally trying to get to work yesterday.

More ranting under the cut )
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...and I just got home from work. (Closer to 2 now, but it was 1 when I first started this post.) GAWD I hate pre-audit day. Elsewhere in the free world, "audits" have something to do with taxes, but in the restaurant business, it means the higher-up corporate types are coming in tomorrow to make sure we're doing everything we're supposed to. The practical upshot of which is that the closers stay way, way late to clean everything super-good to make up for all the months of neglect. Not that the cafe is dirty. It's not. I rule at cleaning things. It's a sickness, truly. But there are some details that just don't get done every night because it's bloody impossible to do it all and clock out by the time they want us out. Corporate folks have this weird dichotomy of giving the cafes--places that they own and order around, but don't actually work in themselves--ginormous checklists of things to do and an impossible timeframe in which to do it. See, they want us to clean to spec, but don't want to actually pay us for the extra hours it would take. What happens is the closing staff takes ALL those extra hours at once, and hopefully the auditors will check us off the following morning. If anything goes wrong, we can blame the day shift. (You may notice, if you ever work in a restaurant, that day and night shifts tend to hate each other.)

My left eyelid has been twitching since 4pm.

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....in which Rhoda's week continues to suck. )
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So, this is how V-day went for me: )

Today was better. I had a nice long heart-to-heart with my mother, FINALLY came out--which was weird, because I was a nervous wreck and she was fine. Although she did throw a couple of daft "observations" my way, one being the classic, "Well that explains a lot." What does that even mean? It's good that she wasn't that surprised; I figured she wouldn't be, but getting Mom out of the way for this whole Coming Out Adventure was a HUGE step, and I'm glad it's done now. The other stuff is going to be much easier. (I think.)

WIP update: 42k (I think I'll hit my word quota by the end of the month at this rate!)
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Oh, yes I did. (hehehe) Cookies to anyone who also just lost "The Game." Because it's totally my fault now.

So, yesterday this new "transfer" kid comes in to the bakery, trying to throw his weight around and act like he knows everything because he's a Trainer (as am I, btw) and for can't seem to understand why I'm getting pissed at him five minutes into his shift.

Here lies the idiocy of the undertrained know-it-all )

In other news, I'm still rolling on my Halloween Challenge. Reviews are up for Poltergeist, Sweeney Todd and Frankenstein.
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Yes, it was a week from hell, and the only good thing about it was discovering Battle Royale. (Which was pretty kick-ass, I admit, and I'm SO glad I had something to keep me from keeling over altogether.) Okay, actually, it was more like an extended Weekend from Hell, but....well, let's backtrack:

FRIDAY: I spent the night at our old house, which was so full of fleas that I couldn't stand anywhere for longer than five seconds without getting eaten alive. (Yes, I timed them. And then I vacuumed the house.)

SATURDAY: Came home to spend the night in my old room, because our guests (we had guests) were invited to come hang out in the more private downstairs bedroom (which I'd been using since my brother moved out) because they were on a sort of belated, weekend pseudo-honeymoon thing. Which was very nice for them, but the walls in my old room are so paperthin you can hear EVERYTHING up there, even the TV downstairs if it's on at all. Not even on loud, just ON. So they were chatting (they also had guests this night - oh yeah, which meant I had to park on the damn street because the driveway was full) up until around 1am, at which point I couldn't get to sleep immediately because I just can't do that when I'm already awake and annoyed. And then the puppydog parked herself outside my door at around 4am, whining and needing to go out.

SUNDAY: Came to work operating on roughly three hours of sleep, total, and found out that the manager who usually does our schedules is on vacation, so our GM (the one taking up the schedule making) chose to put it together without looking at the request book IN WHICH I'D MADE VERY CLEAR REQUESTS TO HAVE MEMORIAL WEEKEND OFF LIKE A MONTH AGO, and scheduled me to work this weekend. So now, even though my shifts are covered, I'm losing more hours than I should, and I CANNOT afford to lose any more hours.

MONDAY: Slept until 4pm, then did laundry and watched Battle Royale again, because fuck 'em all.

TUESDAY: Found out I didn't actually have Monday off. *sob* So I took over someone else's shift to make up the hours. I blamed my dyslexia, lack of sleep, and general overdose of HELL.

Now, it all finally appears to be really over, I am going on a little Memorial Weekend camping trip, and dear God do I need one.

In the meantime, my Battle Royale review is here.

Stay tuned for my Movies In Fifteen Minutes entry - finished writing it this morning, it just needs coding.
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Thanks for the words of encouragement, guys!

So here's what happened... )
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So, I didn't sleep last night. Well, I did eventually, but not before this happened:

Rhoda's bad, bad, bad night... )

Anyway, my plans for the day are as follows: go to the jewelry store and pick up a watch I had repaired for my mom, get a new pair of shoes because I currently have three - yes, three - with holes in them and that just won't do, get more applications for various jobs that aren't 'bakery cashier,' edit my novel (some more), and go to Smokey's to watch Twilight on BluRay. I've never before seen a BluRay in action before, so I am VERY much looking forward to that! And looking forward to being dazzled by Jacksper again. *sigh* That boy doesn't get nearly enough screentime.
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TV rots your brain, kids. Never try to blog and watch Colbert at the same time.

So, I got over my "I HATE MY JOB!" hissy fit, although I am still on the hunt for a new job, and patched things up with my current manager. Oh, and by the way: Yesterday, after I split for my job hunt, I realized I'd left the house without a stitch of green on. I couldn't have that, so while I did pick up one--count 'em, one--application for Barnes & Noble, I also had to stop by Old Navy and get me some green sleevies to wear under my polo. I do NOT get pinched. No sir.

So! One thing I've noticed during my five billion extra lifetimes oh god, please make it stop! almost four years at the bakery, is that names tend to come in trends. Let me explain: When I take orders, I also take names, so the folks making the order can call it out and let the customers know their stuff is ready. And every once in a while, certain names pop up over and over for no apparent reason. This week, I've been inundated with Jennifer's, Joanna's, and Chris's. I don't know why that happens, but it does make me scratch my head a little. I mean, we get pretty much the same wave of customers every week. It's just.....odd.


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