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Stuff I did on my mini working vacation:

  • Introduced myself to the college library staff and let them know I applied for the full-time job there, so they know my face now.

  • Met many dogs! So many dogs!

  • Hung out with [personal profile] orangerful! We had lunch and she showed me *her* library, and I am jealous of her rad desk space.

  • Got up to 20k in my WIP, have gotten through the copying/pasting/editing part, and on to the transcribing from my notebook part. Progress!

  • Started my letter writing project, the impetus for which will be made clear in my fangirl-heavy Doom Patrol review which I haven't posted yet. (It'll make sense eventually.)

  • Visited many bookstores, record stores, and ice cream shops, and picked up Mother Panic. Very nearly picked up The Black Parade on vinyl as well, despite the fact that I really can't afford it right now and already have THREE separate copies of the same album. (The original, the collector's box set, and the 10 year anniversary edition, if you're wondering.)

ANYWAY. Had a most excellent trip. The first couple days were hard though. Way more social interaction than I prepared for. Pro-tip: if someone is taking a five hour drive to come see you, don't force them to meet a house full of brand new people on the first day. Jesus. (On the upside: dogs. Many dogs in this house full of people. Which means many opportunities to hide in corners and cuddle them.)

Downside: I got a call from the IT department while I was there, and I didn't get that job. Sigh. I just don't have enough experience with the specific programs they're using. Which isn't as soul-crushing as it could be, since this other job is higher on my list anyway.

It'll be much easier going up next time if I need to. Fingers crossed! I'm totally qualified for this one. Please, let me get this job and relocate.
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I'm baaaaack!

New York was fabulous, as I expected it would be, although as it usually happens with vacations, lots happened that we didn't expect and we didn't quite get to everything we had planned. And it turned out awesome anyway.

Some highlights:

A barber shop quartet striking up an old Chuck Berry tune in the subway car from Times Square to Greenwich Village; buying colorful noise makers from a street vendor to make ourselves obnoxious come New Year's Eve; seeing the big giant tree in Rockefeller Center; seeing the ice skaters and tons of cool little satellite shops in Bryant Park; shopping at the Strand bookstore and picking up both of Adrienne Kress's books, finally; seeing the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMa, the Modern Art Museum of Manhattan; eating a fabulous six-course dinner at my brother's restaurant--now one of the top ten Zagat-rated restaurants in New York--and getting completely sloshed in the process; and watching the goddamn ball drop--in person!

The Times Square ordeal was quite something to witness. There was still confetti wafting around when we left this morning. The entirety of 6th Avenue was blocked off to traffic--at least as far as I could see, which I'll show you when I get my pictures uploaded--and PACKED with people. We didn't get close enough for someone to see us on TV, because damned if we were gonna stand in the cold and the on-off freezing rain for five fucking hours waiting for it to get to midnight, but we did have a perfectly good view of that ball coming down on the Toshiba tower. It was . . . surreal, because usually in that kind of situation I'm a bit removed from it until I have some time away from the frenzy, and then I reflect on it and it starts to sink in and I go, "Wow, I was there! That was awesome!" This time, that didn't happen. I was THERE the whole time, and when that countdown started I screamed out the numbers until my throat went raw. I think I frightened my stepdad a little, actually. (I've gone to my fair share of rock shows, so I'm used to loud, packed crowds of pushy people--the parents, not so much.) Also, one thing we didn't realize was that there were fireworks happening too. Oh sure, we knew the ball would explode and streamers would come down and balloons would go up, but there were real big, proper fireworks going off in the opposite direction at the same time--which meant we had a better view than the folks front and center of the tower. Hell yeah, dude! However, I'm offically done with alcohol for at least a solid week. At least. I need to get my momentum back.

Also--wow, that Tim Burton exhibit was unbelievable. I'm a fan anyway, as you guys probably know, and I was totally blown away. Of course it had all the fun stuff you'd expect from a museum exhibition for a legendary filmmaker, stuff like film props, costumes, and models--The Angora Sweater from Ed wood! The Severed Heads of Sarah Jessica Parker and Alec Baldwin from Mars Attacks! The Scarecrow from Sleepy Hollow! The Cookie Robot from Edward Scissorhands!--but also there was a ton of concept art and sketches that weren't originally intended to be seen by an audience. He did so many creepy, colorful, hilarious cartoon drawings that either sat in a drawer somewhere for decades or eventually turned into something else similar (the fanged duck toy from The Nightmare Before Christmas is one example), and seeing it all laid out in one place is both entrancing and overwhelming. You see just what a huge influence he was, and still is, in everything from film to fashion to comics in modern gothic culture. He may not be the first weird, tortured, asocial artist to make a name for himself in the 20th century, but he touched every medium available to him and made it popular, accessible, and fun. If you have a chance to go to MoMa, or if this exhibit comes anywhere near you--GO. You won't be disapppointed.

/fangirl off

Well, I'm bloody tired now, I have laundry to do, and I have to go back to work tomorrow. I also have a couple of movies to review, a book report to post, pictures to upload, and some resolutions to get to work on. I hope everyone here had a good New Year's! I sure did, but I'm glad to be home.
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Going out of town again--to TIMES SQUARE, BITCHES!! Hell yeah, folks--I'm doing New Year's RIGHT this year! It was my stepdad's idea, and my brother living in Brooklyn and not getting any Christmas vacation time gives us an excuse to go visit, but still. I am all kinds of excited about this, even though I am admittedly a bit shot of the whole celebratory holiday spirit at the moment.

(We're past the one week mark for the amount of days I've officially been doing Christmas stuff. I love my family, and I love seeing them, and hanging out with them, especially the ones that live several states away, but I'm fucking knackered. I've also consumed more alcohol this week than I ever have for any consecutive number of days in my life before. Oh, and I fell down the stairs helping Mom set up stuff for Christmas dinner and now there's a bruise the size of a goddamn grapefruit on my thigh. Did I mention all this happened after my eight hour drive on Tuesday?)

I don't mean to whine. It's just....all a little overwhelming is all.

*deep breaths*

So, resolutions. I have three this year. 1) Take up a martial art to get in shape/learn some defensive fighting techniques/burn off energy/meet new people. This is a multi-tiered endeavor, and I remember both Karate and Tai Chi being a *lot* of fun back in college. It's about time I got into this again. 2) Get those gorram queries out. It's time to quit piddling around at this whole "writing" thing and make shit happen. 3) Come out to at least one person in my family. *gulp* I added this one just in the last few days, but I think it's important. Wish me luck.

Bring on the champagne!
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My adventures so far... )
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I'm back! Mom and I went to New York for a week to visit my brother and explore the city. Much fun was had by all! We had a hotel half a block away from Times Square (I bought a new watch from the Fossil store and we went to see "Up" in 3D) which was surprisingly quiet, walked everywhere, had dinner at a swanky restaurant, and saw Olympia Dukakis in a Starbucks in Greenwich Village.

Spent the last evening (after most of the drive home) at a B&B that I decided we just had to stay in so I could do some research there for a ghost story I'm working on. WELL! Let's just say I found what I was looking for. Sketch-tastic - creepy, creepy, creepy, and not in the good way. More in the realm of Deliverance than Dracula. Double plus ungood! (The lady didn't want us to leave our room. Yeah.) On the bright side, I found plenty of material for my book.

So, I've given myself a project for this summer: Transforming my t-shirts! I have 16-and-a-half thousand black t-shirts taking up space in my drawer, most of which are either falling apart or too big. So I've taken it upon myself to do fun, crafty things with them. My AFI t-shirt is now a headband and a pair of cotton gauntlets; my "Why So Serious?" Joker shirt now has no sleeves and cool lacing up the sides; and one of my MCR shirts has been slashed in such a way as to make the sleeves both look awesome and somehow fit better. And I won't stop there!


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