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And we're back! Maybe this time we'll actually get to the titular creepy-town. When last we left our plucky protagonist, Heather (aka Sharon, aka Cheryl, aka Alessa), she was cramming every Inventory Item she could grab into her Vest of Holding and preparing to flee the scene with Jon "Vincent" Snow. I don't think I mentioned this, but the police are after her because they think she killed Douglas Cartland.

Anyway. . .

On Route 666

During the drive, Heather uncovers two things in her stash. The first is a letter from her Not!Dad, explaining why that one guy who tracked them down a few moves and hair-colorings ago wasn't just a random burglar, but a member of the Order who wants to bring her back to Silent Hill.


Yeah, Heather's gonna ignore that.

The second thing is a Strategy Guide:

strategy guide

Read more... )Guess we'll reload from here next time. To be continued!
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I've been threatening to do something like this for a while now. It is time. First, a couple disclaimers: I claim ownership of nothing except my copy of the DVD and a backlog of way more knowledge of the game-verse than anyone should have. And I am not even a gamer. This recap is partly for my own amusement, partly to help *explain* what I think is actually going on with the plot, because the script and the clunky exposition sure won't help you.

SPOILERS for the movie/games, of course, and it is rated R for language/violence, but I'll try to keep the screencaps Safe For Work.

Ready? Then let's recap Silent Hill Revelation!

Lakeside Amusement Park

Heather, our plucky protagonist, is having a nightmare. Empty stalls, Robbie the Rabbit plushies, dirty fishbowls, bad lighting, etc. Look, an empty carousel! Powered by a giant Pyramid Head thing! What could possibly go wrong!

Alessa: You will NEVER defeat me!

Mall Goth Alessa
Alessa's fire game is strong in this movie. Her Mall Goth look is not.

Read more... )

Since we've just reached a Save Point, I think it's fitting to leave things there for now. To be continued!
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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] unsp0ken_fear.

Here's the rules: I tell you about 7 of my interests, then you comment here and I'll pick 7 of yours that I'm curious about. At which point you will post something about your interests (why you popped them in, what they mean to you, etc.) on your own journal.

Let the meme-ing begin! )

WIP update: 47k, with the first of five planned character deaths out of the way. I think I might actually surpass my word quota on this.

Coming Out Adventure Update: coming in the AM.
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It appears that Yahoo! is giving up on their free web service, GeoCities, in order to make way for some kind of pay-only nonsense. SO! That "Under Construction" page of mine is still under construction, but I hooked up the link on the frontpage so that y'all can get in there and browse. To make it easier, click here: Rhoda's Junk Page.

In the meantime, I reckon I need some other place to store my fanfiction indefinitely. Some of it's up on FF.net, which is fine. But the rest needs posting too. So I suppose I might be reposting some of my old fanfic here in the coming months. I might go fishing for communities to post them in as well - let's see if I can't broaden my audience a bit.

With that in mind, these are the fics that I need to reload:

"Vortex" - a 3-way crossover starring My Chemical Romance, AFI, and Criss Angel. It's a supernatural thriller about the End of the World, and the boys in MCR are my protagonists. They get stuck in the middle of a war that crosses through reality and time, and the others are key players in a mystery that only becomes clear in the last couple of chapters. (At least, I hope.) I don't like to play favorites with my fics, but I do have a soft spot for this one.

"The Promo" - still in progress, but there are only like two chapters left that I need to write. Another 3-way crossover, also with MCR, but also with Silent Hill and The Haunting of Molly Hartley. The boys are given a copy of the latest Silent Hill game, and somehow cross over into the world of the game. Before long the fun wanes and the horror mounts.

"Fire, Dreams, Mirrors" - a four-part horror saga starring Hanson, with a guest appearance by Kurt Cobain in part three. Zac's new house is haunted, so Taylor comes over to visit to convince him there's nothing wrong. Unfortunately, the ghosts are not only real, but more interested in Taylor than Zac. (Yes, that's ghosts, plural.) This one was nominated for an award in Hanfic world several years ago. Didn't win, but what the hell - I'm pimping that for all it's worth.

Which one should I get on first? Any requests? (And in case you're wondering, no I haven't forgotten my Jasper fic - updates are pending, I'm in a tough spot. That X-Men vs. Sparklepires thing is pretty well dead, though.)
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What with all my gushing over Twilight, I reckon you guys know by now how I feel about vampires. But what about the supernatural creatures that get overshadowed by vamps in pop culture nowadays? I like a good ghost story as well as any dark fantasy buff. Supernatural horror has always meant more to me than the more realistic serial-killer splatterpunk type of stories. So today, because I'm in a list-making mood, I'm going to give y'all a run down of my favorite ghost stories - in a couple different formats of storytelling, and in no particular order. Ready, go! )

What are some of your favorite ghost stories?


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