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Hey gang! There's so much that I could conceivably blog about right now, I don't even know where to start.

My continuing Coming Out adventure, New Lappy, the Vampire Marathon and B-day stuff )
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...and I just got home from work. (Closer to 2 now, but it was 1 when I first started this post.) GAWD I hate pre-audit day. Elsewhere in the free world, "audits" have something to do with taxes, but in the restaurant business, it means the higher-up corporate types are coming in tomorrow to make sure we're doing everything we're supposed to. The practical upshot of which is that the closers stay way, way late to clean everything super-good to make up for all the months of neglect. Not that the cafe is dirty. It's not. I rule at cleaning things. It's a sickness, truly. But there are some details that just don't get done every night because it's bloody impossible to do it all and clock out by the time they want us out. Corporate folks have this weird dichotomy of giving the cafes--places that they own and order around, but don't actually work in themselves--ginormous checklists of things to do and an impossible timeframe in which to do it. See, they want us to clean to spec, but don't want to actually pay us for the extra hours it would take. What happens is the closing staff takes ALL those extra hours at once, and hopefully the auditors will check us off the following morning. If anything goes wrong, we can blame the day shift. (You may notice, if you ever work in a restaurant, that day and night shifts tend to hate each other.)

My left eyelid has been twitching since 4pm.

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Talking about separate things here, by the way. My personal news is not related to the bad world news, I mean.

Cut for space... )
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It doesn't really, but that's what I'm watching right now. I kinda wish I'd seen this before I graduated from college, but it's oddly relevant now. In a hilarious yet terrifying way. And the craziest part is Winona Ryder in this is EXACTLY like my college roommate, down to her little mannerisms and the way she talks.

SO! In case you haven't been following it, my Halloween Candy community is up and running again. I'm trying to field a discussion on zombie movies and why they're enjoying a resurgance in popularity right now. If you have thoughts, I would LOVE to hear them!

I randomly went into the FYE up here yesterday, and guess what? They sell vinyls. Guess what else? They have a LIMITED EDITION printed-on-pink vinyl of Razorblade Romance that is so totally mine after Tuesday when I get my paycheck. Oh yeah. I'm gonna keep an eye on that store from now on.

WIP update: 48k, a little bit stuck though. I'm getting very near the end, which is good, but I'm unsure of how to shake it all out. As long as the words keep coming, I guess I'm okay. *fingers crossed*

Coming Out Adventure update: much, much, MUCH better now. After a few days of being distant and weird, Mom figured out I hadn't actually changed at all, and that she's still my best friend. In fact, today she told me a secret about herself that she's been angsting over for . . . hell, I don't even know how long, and we had this long heart-to-heart about all kinds of things. This might sound weird, but I feel like a grown up for the first time in my life. And it's really, really nice.

I have many, many icons and "friends only" banners than I'm planning to post shortly, many fandoms. Keep an eye out.
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Apparently mom was saving her crazy for another day. Thanks all for the comments on my previous entry, but....well, here's what happened: )
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So, this is how V-day went for me: )

Today was better. I had a nice long heart-to-heart with my mother, FINALLY came out--which was weird, because I was a nervous wreck and she was fine. Although she did throw a couple of daft "observations" my way, one being the classic, "Well that explains a lot." What does that even mean? It's good that she wasn't that surprised; I figured she wouldn't be, but getting Mom out of the way for this whole Coming Out Adventure was a HUGE step, and I'm glad it's done now. The other stuff is going to be much easier. (I think.)

WIP update: 42k (I think I'll hit my word quota by the end of the month at this rate!)
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OK--so, between my Coming Out Adventure, being dragged against my will to Avatar*--twice--my brother Mansplaining the reasons why my computer sucks and I should get a titanium-encased iBook ("Why are you getting so upset? I'm just telling you why--" "I DON'T NEED A FUCKING MAC OK!!!"), my doggie gnawing open a cist and getting herself stuck back in the Cone of Shame as a result, and my mother's friend (the one who had the heart attack) passing away, it's been a hell of a month. Some bad has happened, and some good, but I personally am still reeling from the emotional whiplash.

Here's my gameplan to get to February in one piece: Crack 30,000 words in my new story (should be easy--I'm coming up on 20k as we speak), gather all my tax forms together and prepare what I can before April, find some way to get better exercise and get my ass out of the house, and put a review up for my shiny new copy of Final Attraction--it finally arrived like two days ago, thank GOD. I was thisclose to emailing Borders.com to ask them what was going on there. Oh yeah, I'm still fangirling hard, and you'll all just have to live with it. Sorry!

Well, I'm off shortly to see Drummer Boy's recital (yes, we broke up, but we're still friendly--and I want to be supportive, as you do); and then Dad's decided we need to rewatch Season 5 of Lost to get ready for the premiere on Tuesday, so he's breaking out the DVDs tonight.

*I didn't hate it, but I don't understand the heaps of praise being piled on. It looks damn cool, and the story was interesting, but it wasn't the Best Movie Ever Ever like so many of my friends and family seem to think it is.
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My brother's home this weekend, so I told him. I figure he's the person least likely to freak out or judge me, and he didn't. *phew* So that's phase one of my whole Coming Out Adventure. We had a good talk--in the car, away from parents and others--and he did his best to assure me that Mom wouldn't be a problem.

That is all! :)


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