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Unpopular opinion time: I do not like Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. Finally watching the Starz adaptation that began airing this week confirmed all my previous feelings about it: while the ideas and imagery are arresting and will get your mind spinning in a good way, the delivery and characterizations left me cold. Also Shadow Moon is a very passive protagonist, the kind of character things happen to, rather than the kind who takes charge of his own storyline. I will say that Ricky Whittle does a fantastic job bringing pathos and empathy to very little meat in the way of action or dialogue, and I already like him better onscreen than I did on the page. It’s an original story with a black lead character and a substantial amount of media buzz. We should be glad it exists. Also I can’t WAIT to see Orlando Jones as Mr. Nancy, who is my favorite character in the book and so awesome he got his own spin-off novel, Anansi Boys. So at the same time I’m fascinated by it and want to watch / read it again? I dunno, it’s weird, and it’ll probably always feel that way to me.

Why even bring this up? Well, the central conflict in American Gods is one that stuck with me, regardless of how distancing I find the source material: the idea that gods need belief and regular worship to exist. The old gods of ancient civilizations are dying out because people either don’t believe in them anymore, or don’t even know about them anymore. The gods of old need believers much more than the general populace needs them, and the general populace needs to see themselves in their icons if they're going to invest any spiritual energy into them.

As you can probably tell, I’m revisiting that “evolution of hero worship” post I hinted at here. But I’m not here to talk about American Gods. Not yet. Instead I’m talking about the Thor movies again, Norse mythology in general, and Loki in particular.

GIF of Loki taking over Hall H at Comic Con
w text reading “Say My Name”


Trust my rage. )
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If Disney doesn't cool it with these amazing trailers this month, I don't even know what. KEEP 'EM COMING! (My birthday month so far has been kind of ick and weird, so this is keeping me level. I'll blog about it later.)

For now---SQUEEEEE!
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Hey, remember last recap when I was talking about how I don’t see the Dean/Castiel thing as “queerbaiting” and this show is one of the things I’m clinging to so as not to focus on how much the world sucks right now?


GIF of Felicia Day w text saying 'You Can Go Fuck Yourself.'

Long, ranty post is long and ranty. Welcome to the reason I picked this username. )
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Behold! Rhoda’s First Post of 2017!!

Welcome, new friends! Fellow LJ migrants! DW veterans! Ficcers, shippers, and meta posters! Movie buffs and streaming bingers!

I, uh, watched a lot of movies last year. SO for my first official post of 2017, I’m doing a MASSIVE breakdown of the stuff I actually caught in theaters. Since this is my first DreamWidth post, I’m still working on getting all the photos ported over here, so anything that links to Glitter n Gore is going to the LJ account until I get it fixed. Bear with me; I’ll make it work eventually. Meanwhile--movies! Let’s talk about those.

Capsule reviews below! )

What were some of YOUR favorite movie experiences from 2016?
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Short version: FREAKING LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Less short version, w/ SPOILERS )
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Because whenever I get me a new frontpage banner, you can bet I'm working on graphix. Huzzah!

(Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] xerinmichellex for letting me rant about Photobucket, even though I haven't yet found a better option.)

Mostly Brandon Lee / The Crow and Guardians of the Galaxy, plus a few other things since I'm feeling nostalgic.


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Hey gang! So I was out of the town the past couple days. I was expecting to have Internet, which I did, but I didn't get any time to do anything with my computer. I mean ANY. More about that later. In the meantime--Icons!!

Here's a preview:

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The usual house rules apply--no hotlinking, no jacking of credit. Also, it occurs to me I haven't done any wallpapers in a while. Anyone have any requests?

ETA: Two wallpapers under the cut!

HIM and MCR, respectively. )
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And a couple banners.


Moar! )

Quick by-the-by for my new friends--my banners tend to come in all shapes and sizes, because I get bored, and tend to change things up on my own journal whenever the fancy strikes me. SO if there's a particular size that works better for you or that you'd like, just let me know! :)

I also do wallpapers. (Just not today.)
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So. The SFF community has been . . . chaotic lately. The gender wars have amplified to absurd levels and defenses are going up on all sides. It's mighty hazardous out there, and I've gone back and forth a bit over whether I wanted to comment on any of this or not, and just what I wanted to say should I decide to post anything.

Eventually, after much consideration and false starts, this is what I wound up with.

Let's talk about cred checking... )

ETA: Ms. McGuire has posted a follow-up post on the tendency of female geeks to list off their creds as a preemptive strike.
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Hey gang!

So as I mentioned in my last Who Review, I have graphix. As I haven't mentioned yet, I'm heading down to Dad's this week and will (probably) be offline until like Friday. I kinda want to dig into the comments section on that last review, but I don't have time this morning to do both that, and upload the eye-candy. So I'm uploading the eye-candy. Comment-digging when I get back!


(Forgive me, [livejournal.com profile] stormkpr, for using your "I finally ship a lesbian couple" tag for Vastra and Jenny. I couldn't resist!)

Icons under here... )

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In this entry: Ilfayne's Bane, Wild Cards & Iron Horses, Night Shift (Saintcrow's, not King's), Personal Demons, A Great and Terrible Beauty, Equations of Life, Theories of Flight, Soulless, Blood Ninja and A Princess of Mars.

Yes, I picked that icon for a reason. ;)

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Greetings! This is what I'm doing for the 100 Things meme. Since I don't want to take up too much, or too little, space here, I'm A) not including the book covers under the cut, and B) spacing the entries out to 10 books per post. That'll give me ten days to get the whole thing wrangled, I think.

FYI: These posts are going to be public (not f'locked) at least until/unless I wind up with any spam or other such nonsense in the comments.

This entry includes: Half World, Libyrinth, Passion, Treasure Island, Minion, Parable of the Sower, The Keeper, A Monster Calls, House of Leaves and Hollowland.

Reviews under here... )
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Ranting under the cut so you can avoid it if you want. )


I made a post in the MovieBuffs community concerning a goal of mine this summer. As you (probably) know, Eclipse is coming out in June. My goal? To watch no less than 30 "essential" vampire movies before that time. Oh yeah. I'm going all out. First up: Blade.

In WIP news: I'm very nearly done with the third draft of my sci-fi YA thriller. Once it's finished, I'm gonna print it out and give it one more sweep, then send it to the masses. (YIKES and at the same time, YAY!)

Also I finally got back my NaNo from the person who was proofing it for me, so that's going to go through edits shortly as well.

A couple new story ideas are knocking around in my skull at the moment. To share briefly:

"Dusty"--yet another vampire story, with a very different mythology than anything I've done before. And hopefully, different from what anyone's seen before. We're always looking for a new spin on vamps, right? Part romance and part horror. I'm enjoying it so far; we'll see how it goes.

"The Blue Rose Room"--a paranormal investigator goes to check out a supposedly haunted bed and breakfast, with his loyal dog in tow, and finds a very strange candelabra amongst the decor. Based on a true story.
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I'll try to keep these brief this time, because there are SO many, and I don't want the post to become unmanageably huge. So, in a departure from my usual format, I'm going to put everything under one cut, book covers and all.

Reviews for City of Bones, Uglies, Three Days to Dead, etc.... )
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Day 1:


The main hotel, the Holiday Inn Patriot in Williamsburg, is sold out for the event, so I got myself a room in the Comfort Inn down the street instead. Registration was at two, so I grabbed some lunch before heading over.

I was a little worried that some of the clothes I brought with me would be a little . . . well, weird, but I'm totally underdressed for this. There are people with big-ass Goth pants, capes, devil horns, superboots, and all kinds of other costumes--some of of which I recognize (Dr. Horrible) and others which I don't. My outfit consists of a glittery boat-neck 3-quarter sleeve t-shirt with a vest and my red plaid Airwalks. However, I did bring Goth pants (complete with colorful suspenders) and my Thundercats t-shirt for tomorrow, so it'll be a closer fit then, I think.

Anywho, I have a schedule of events now, and I'm going through them trying to decide which panels to go. Michael Khandelwall, my fiction workshop teacher at The Muse, is doing the opening ceremonies at 6, so that'll be my official introduction to the Con universe. After that, I'm leaning towards a panel entitled "Vampires, Werewolves and Ghosts, Oh My!" discussing the saturation of the genre, what draws people to them, and whether or not we've gone as far as we can with them in film and literature.

After that, who knows? There are a couple of Doctor Who related events that both look awesome--including a performance with a shadow cast, a la Rocky Horror--an open forum discussing which aliens kick the most ass from various fandoms (I can't wait for the Trekkie vs. Star Wars debate), and a panel on GLBT characters and themes in sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

David Weber is also doing a reading from his newest book. I haven't read a single thing of his, but I'm going anyway. He's doing autographs as well later on.

As for now, it's early, and I'm not really in the mood to just wander about the other hotel for three hours, so I'm sitting on my bed in the Comfort Inn watching a "Project Runway" marathon until it's time for the opening ceremonies. I intend to put up a short blog every day, perhaps several times a day, so stay tuned!
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Greetings! It's been a slow reading month for me, mainly because I've been up to my eyeballs in my NaNo. Speaking of which: I finished! The final word count stands at 50,437; that's 89 pages, single spaced, in Times New Roman 12 point font. It'll need a few revisions before it's query-ready, but I did it! I stuck to one story, and carried it from beginning to end without stopping, and met my word quota within the required time frame. I couldn't be more proud of myself.

Here, have a synopsis. )

Anyways, I did get a few good reads in, and here they are. Full reviews and book covers under the cuts, like always.

The Weight of Silence, Heather Gudenkauf

One hot morning in Iowa, two seven-year-old girls go missing, along with the father of one of them--the town drunk and an all-around bad guy. Everyone has suspicions over whether this man had anything to do with these disappearances, but things aren't always what they seem. (Except when they are, because everyone but me figured this out from the word "Go.") A particular coworker of mine likes to add books to the book club that invite discussion. Meaning, we get to rant on and on about how the characters in them are so stupid we'd like to collectively smack them upside their thick heads. This is one such book.

It was every parent's worst nightmare. )

The 19th Wife, by David Ebershoff

Two parallel families, one living in turn-of-the-century Utah with Brigham Young and company, the other living in modern day Utah somewhere between the real world and the bizarre microcasm of Fundamentalist Mormonism, struggle with the issue of polygamy and how it affects self-worth, child-rearing, and faith. Did I mention this particular coworker likes to incite discussion? This is the one that gave me nightmares, y'all.

Everything you never wanted to know about Mormons. )

Strange Candy, by Laurell K. Hamilton

I know what you're thinking. I really don't need yet another pseudo-romantic vampire series to get hooked on. And you're right--I don't. But as this is a short story collection, and my muse is HELL BENT on making me write a paranormal romance myself, we agreed to check this out as research and see where it went. So, guess what happened? I went and bought the first Anita Blake book, Guilty Pleasures, and may be getting hooked on yet another pseudo-romantic vampire series. Yeah--thanks a lot, muse.

Death is a very serious matter, Mrs. Fiske. )

Nightfall, by Robert Silverberg and Isaac Asimov

Started, haven't finished, setting it aside temporarily. A planet with six suns is about to experience total darkness for the first time. Pack a lunch, kids--it's Apocalypse Time!

Darkness, it isn't natural. It isn't anything that was meant to be. )
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Hey guess what? I got an iPod Shuffle! My stepdad got himself an iPhone, and he doesn't use the Shuffle anymore, so he gave it to me. Also he was convinced there was something wrong with it and couldn't figure out how to make it work. So I took it to the store to get some headphones and confirm that, no, nothing's wrong with it, and I'm currently listening to it! Woohoo!! I held out on the iPod craze for as long as I could, and I still don't think this counts because it's a hand-me-down - technically, I paid no money for it, so the boycott's still on. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Now, about that Vulcan..... )
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I've mentioned once or twice how much I love, love, love to read. And how diverse - almost to the point of schizoid - my interests are. I also believe that knowing what a person is reading can give you a healthy insight into their personality. So I've decided this might be a good time to introduce you to the books strewn about my room within easy grabbing distance.

Words, words, words. )


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