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Because apparently Halloween starts in August now. Let's do this.

GIF of Winona Ryder as Lydia Deets in 'Beetlejuice'
w text "I myself am strange and unusual."


It's hard to pinpoint exactly when I nosedived into the "strange and unusual." I've always thought of myself as weird, and I've been low-key Goth for ages. My dad read me Edgar Allen Poe stories before bed along with fairy tales and Little Golden Books. I used to collect the shed skins of Cicadas and line them up in front of my bedroom window. I loved Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books, especially the gruesome illustrations, as well as anything by Edward Gorey, and I read Jack Prelutsky’s Halloween books until they fell apart.

I still have this moment of stunned disbelief when I meet people who don't love Halloween. Or who will just beg for candy and not dress up. I hate those people. Hate them! I will admit that Hocus Pocus utterly ruined my expectations for Halloween, and I still see the fictional Salem and its fabulous, fabulous Town Hall party as the goal I want to meet for celebrations one day; ditto the town in Trick r Treat. Still, I have never missed a chance to dress up.

Recently, however, I realized that my yearly "costumes" have been just exaggerated versions of how I dress on most days. My Halloween outfits from the past few years have been cobbled together from things I already own. So here is my not at all timely and possibly superfluous list of creepy clothes and accessories and how I acquired them. I’ve always had a darkish aesthetic, and this is where that’s gotten me.

So this is for those of you who haven’t amassed an unnecessarily large collection of dark and weird stuff. There are like a million tutorials and how-to lists on How To Goth On A Budget. And honestly y’all, it just takes time to pile up. I’ve had some of this crap since the 90s. But if you’re thinking the best way to be “authentic” is to buy super expensive, hand-made, boutique stuff--don’t. There are other ways.

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First, that thing I was vaguely hinting about (and probably should have posted about sooner but never mind that now): I had the opportunity to write a guest article for Belladonna Horror Magazine! Check it out, I did the Lost Boys article!

In other news: I did not get either of the two jobs I was holding out for earlier this month, but I just got a call for another interview--still library stuff, still full-time, so fingers crossed for that one. Interview is on Monday! Send good vibes! I also created a LinkedIn profile but I have no clue how to navigate it yet. Give me time. I'll get there.

Nextly, we are ALL over Convention Week at the moment, even locally. The library's free con, FantaSci, is happening this weekend, so I'm going to go and meet Leanna Renee Hieber, author of Tor's "Strangely Beautiful" series (which I haven't read yet, but I will). She's doing a panel on the history of Gothic literature. So OBVIOUSLY I gotta be there for that.

Lastly, I have somehow inadvertently introduced Mom to Supernatural. It's entertaining. And kind of bizarre, since I haven't revisited Season 1 since I got through my whole binge-watch. (THEY LOOK SO YOUNG! OMG!) I'm recapping the adventure on Twitter with the hashtag #MomWatchesSupernatural.

Happy Wednesday!
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Okay, I don't know if anyone else will be as amused by this as I was, but I have to share it. So every year (as of last year-ish) Gerard Way and Worm* do this charity livestream thing where they play board games and make art and take donations. Here is the promotional whatsit for this year's stream, coming up the second week in August.

ANYWAY, in the "fangirl mode on, must know all the things!" rabbit hole I fell into when I heard about this, I found a completely different stream with Worm and this dude Bill badgering Gerard into playing "Dead By Daylight." The game is EXTREMELY violent, they all swear a lot, and I recognize not everyone is into watching playthroughs like I am, but it's also pretty funny.

Just FYI, a solid twenty minutes collectively is them futzing with STEAM bc the game is in Beta and not loading all the way (and Gerard has trouble figuring out the controls), but about 9 minutes in is when they start playing the first time; and about 47 minutes in is when Gerard takes the role of the killer. AND THEN SHIT GETS REAL.

*If that name sounds familiar, it's because he used to be MCR's bodyguard/merch guy. I'm 75% sure I've met him at least twice.
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ETA After taking y'all's advice: WOW WYNONNA EARP IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS!!! You just saved me so many hours of frustration and disappointment. THANK YOU!!! *HUGS ALL AROUND*

Inner Fangirl: Hey! Hey, Rhoda!

Oh god, what is it now?

Inner Fangirl: I noticed once you’re done with Hannibal you’ll be caught up on most of the things on your List until the Fall.

Why do I feel scared?

Inner Fangirl: I have an idea.

Oh please no.

Inner Fangirl: We should watch Sherlock.

No. No, we shouldn’t.

Inner Fangirl: C’mon, it’ll be fun! There’re only 6 episodes per season!

Yeah but they’re like 2 hours each.

Inner Fangirl: You’re a binge-watcher, you can do it!

But I’ve heard things. The casually misogynistic dialogue. The queerbaiting.

Inner Fangirl: We can write SO MANY BLOGS!

The awkward accidental nudity. You KNOW we hate accidental awkward nudity.

Inner Fangirl: We can reuse our Game of Thrones T&A counter!

Why do we even have that, it’s a terrible idea.

Inner Fangirl: But we have to complete the SuperWhoLock trifecta!


Inner Fangirl: It’s set in London! Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch in TAILORED SUITS!


Inner Fangirl: There’s even one set in Victorian Times!!!! With the pipe and the floppy hat and everything!!!!!!!

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(To my existing f'list--just trying to tidy up here, bear with me.)

Welcome to my journal!

I am Rhoda and this is my collection of random musings, graphix, movie and book reviews, and general fandom tomfoolery. Also in this journal are a number of personal posts regarding my sexuality, family-related stuff, work-related stuff, and other things that I'd rather not share with the entire internet for one reason or another, which is why this journal is Friends Only.

A few things about me: )

If you're looking for my public journal (book reviews, progress reports on my adventures in the literary world, thoughts on trends in the horror and YA universes, reviews/retrospectives, etc.), that is here. All comments are welcome, including anonymous ones, but I reserve the right to screen them if you don't use common sense and decency. I also use this journal to talk about my adventures in trying to get published and share what I learn.

If you're looking for my horror movie community (reviews, director spotlights, discussion regarding current and upcoming films, Trailer Spams, and the 31 Days of Halloween Challenge), that is here. All LJ users can comment, only members can make new posts, and all posts are moderated.

If, however, you'd like to be added to this journal, comment below and let me know who you are, how I might know you, and why you want to be friends.

Things that will probably get you added:

-We've talked elsewhere in the blogosphere
-We have a mutual friend in the blogosphere
-You've commented before on one of my other journals
-We've interacted on a friending meme
-We've crossed paths in some other community either here or elsewhere on the internet.

Things that will get you ignored and/or banned:

-Your own journal is in a language I don't understand
-We've never interacted before, ever
-You attempt to 'add' me without telling me who you are or how you know me
-We have no 'interests' in common
-You do something that upsets/offends me and ignore when I tell you to stop

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but a few basic ground rules to start from.

*"Rhoda" is not my real name. I started calling myself "Rhoda Nightingale" sometime back in college, on some web forum or other, and decided to keep it. I may use it for a penname one day.
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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] angelic_steph.

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Rhoda's been a busy girl.

Firstly, the birthday haul: )

And on the LJ front:

I may need to f'lock this sumbitch. I didn't see the need for it previously, but now I do. So just...keep that in mind. If you're already on my f'list, then no worries, but if you've tagged me for whatever reason and I haven't tagged you back, there's a reason for it. I do have all those "Friends Only" banners that I made in an old graphix spam, even though I wasn't planning on using one myself, so I can pop one up no problem.

New discussion up over at Halloween Candy: Women in Horror. I hope to be one someday, so this is something I'm more than a little invested in. Come chat with us!

And random, annoying thing: I downloaded iTunes for PaqMan here, and hooked up my iPod Shuffle, but apparently this "syncing" thing is a one-way street. Meaning, you can move music from iTunes onto a device, but not the other way around. At least, not unless it's music that you've purchased directed from iTunes in the first place. This is aggravating to say the least, because while I'm a strong advocate against illegal downloading, there are other ways to get free music--such as reviewing stuff for ezines, which I've done, and getting freebies from artists' websites as promotional tools--and even beyond that, I have some CDs that have been damaged, lost, or otherwise fucked up that I backed up on the old lappy, and now I don't know how to transfer them onto here. I am disappoint! Help?

Anywho, now it's time to shower and watch another vampire movie. Or Jacob's Ladder. I'm kinda in the mood for Crazy Tim Robbins.
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] unsp0ken_fear:

The following are 20 summaries from Better Than It Sounds of movies. (I'm just going with movies, but they also do comics, videogames, books, etc.) WITHOUT CHEATING, guess what the real titles are. Good luck!

Start guessing. )

Guys, there is, in existence, a movie entitled: Jesus Christ Vampire Killer. I might have to steal [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda's "where is your god now" tag.

Also, it appears I'm going to see the remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street after all--tonight, at midnight. My favorite Twihard coworker invited me. I need to find something with red and green stripes to wear...
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Ranting under the cut so you can avoid it if you want. )


I made a post in the MovieBuffs community concerning a goal of mine this summer. As you (probably) know, Eclipse is coming out in June. My goal? To watch no less than 30 "essential" vampire movies before that time. Oh yeah. I'm going all out. First up: Blade.

In WIP news: I'm very nearly done with the third draft of my sci-fi YA thriller. Once it's finished, I'm gonna print it out and give it one more sweep, then send it to the masses. (YIKES and at the same time, YAY!)

Also I finally got back my NaNo from the person who was proofing it for me, so that's going to go through edits shortly as well.

A couple new story ideas are knocking around in my skull at the moment. To share briefly:

"Dusty"--yet another vampire story, with a very different mythology than anything I've done before. And hopefully, different from what anyone's seen before. We're always looking for a new spin on vamps, right? Part romance and part horror. I'm enjoying it so far; we'll see how it goes.

"The Blue Rose Room"--a paranormal investigator goes to check out a supposedly haunted bed and breakfast, with his loyal dog in tow, and finds a very strange candelabra amongst the decor. Based on a true story.
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I'm still reeling over my OMG from last time, and I have good reason: the upcoming film, The Joneses, is one of the projects Screenwriter Guy name-dropped when we were talking last week, not only a real film with a real company, but it stars Demi Moore and David Duchovney and is currently 71% Fresh on RottenTomatoes.com. *GLEEEEE* XD XD XD It's a limited release, but HELL to the YEAH!

However, I have more news than just that, mostly LJ-related. )
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This week has been made of awesome, for one simple reason: I made a decision to get my punk-ass out of the house, and actually, y'know, talk to people. Several things made the week awesome, but this one in particular I just have to share:

Wednesday I had off, which is unusual, but I happened to remember that Wednesday is official Getting Together For Drinks Downtown day for my former fiction workshop group and all the other folks associated with it--pretty much the entire microchasm that is the writing community of my town. So I met my old teacher, Michael, who was very glad to see me--and quite impressed that I'd written and completed two novels since we last talked, even though nothing's published yet.

But I also met a screenwriter who also runs a workshop for the same group that I used to take classes from. Michael introduced us, and we got to talking a long, long time. (I tend to be nicer to people when I've had a bit to drink--not sure why. My ever-present "Fuck Off" barrier just goes down.) And of course Michael was gushing over what a great writer I am, how I was one of the best students he's had, which he tends to do. And I love it, but I try to keep in mind that we're, like, friends too so I should be taking all this with a grain of salt.

GUESS WHAT HAPPENED? Screenwriter is not only a teacher for this writer's group locally. He's an actual, working screenwriter, who's worked on actual movies, with an actual agented producer/director. AND HE WANTS TO SEE MY MANUSCRIPT.

I am so filled with glee right now that I know, I know I can't be thinking straight. As much as I would love, love, LOVE to see my precious sci-fi story turn into a movie (!!!!) I have got to do some research. On the one hand, this guy is a friend of Michael's, and I've known Michael for years--they both work for the same writer's group, so my instinct is to trust him on those two things alone. On the other hand, I feel a need to look up the production company he works for to see if I recognize any of the films they've done. I'm thinking this is the movie/script equivalent of what they tell you to do when looking for a publisher--see if any of their books are in actual bookstores.

So I got his email address and told him I'd be in touch. I am equal parts SQUEE and SHEER TERROR right now.
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Yes, I do. Me and Mom both. Black electric tape is made of awesome.

Curious? Of course you are. )
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I made a new journal. I don't really wanna shrink that banner, but it looks like I'll have to. *sigh* Oh well.

Clicky here.
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No, it's not real, but lyre birds are pretty amazing--great mimics. If you put one next to a radio for a while, it might come up with something pretty damn close. (Part of me wants to get a Twitter account just to send this to Shin...)
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...and I just got home from work. (Closer to 2 now, but it was 1 when I first started this post.) GAWD I hate pre-audit day. Elsewhere in the free world, "audits" have something to do with taxes, but in the restaurant business, it means the higher-up corporate types are coming in tomorrow to make sure we're doing everything we're supposed to. The practical upshot of which is that the closers stay way, way late to clean everything super-good to make up for all the months of neglect. Not that the cafe is dirty. It's not. I rule at cleaning things. It's a sickness, truly. But there are some details that just don't get done every night because it's bloody impossible to do it all and clock out by the time they want us out. Corporate folks have this weird dichotomy of giving the cafes--places that they own and order around, but don't actually work in themselves--ginormous checklists of things to do and an impossible timeframe in which to do it. See, they want us to clean to spec, but don't want to actually pay us for the extra hours it would take. What happens is the closing staff takes ALL those extra hours at once, and hopefully the auditors will check us off the following morning. If anything goes wrong, we can blame the day shift. (You may notice, if you ever work in a restaurant, that day and night shifts tend to hate each other.)

My left eyelid has been twitching since 4pm.

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Dammit, dammit, dammit! I just HAD to YouTube Lovex, didn't I? *sob* I'm never gonna pay off that college loan at this rate. Curse my anti-downloading ethics!

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Talking about separate things here, by the way. My personal news is not related to the bad world news, I mean.

Cut for space... )
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Comment to this entry and I'll give you a letter. List ten things that you love that begin with that letter and then post that list on your journal (Make that a comment with "I want to play" so those who don't want to play can leave a comment anyway.)

Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] angelic_steph and [livejournal.com profile] unsp0ken_fear, who gave me M and T, respectively.

Lists under here! )
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Ah, yes--we're losing an hour of sleep tonight, y'all. But it's okay, because I have the day off tomorrow. (Yay!!)

Obviously, I'm in a somewhat better mood now than I was last time I blog'd. I blame the hormones (being female is a pain in the arse sometimes) and my self-induced sugar withdrawal. Oh, and jackasses failing to stock cream cheese the right way. (We have identified the culprit(s), by the way, and have told them the error of their ways. "We" being myself and my manager.)

The game plan tomorrow (after losing said hour of sleep) is to go to brunch with Mom, bring a coffee cake (instead of cookies, because I had no time) to the police station as a Thank You to the two officers who got my spare tire on for me, watch Videodrome for my horror movie comm (and cross it off my list), write a review for Shutter Island, and then go to the newly reinstated Book Club at work. The reason we went on haitus in the first place is because the last book that got picked was A) boring, B) too long, and C) picked over the winter holidays when no one (except me, who read at least six more in its place) has any time to read stuff anyway. Long story short, no one finished it. SO we're starting again from scratch, this time asking everyone to just bring one book they're interested in, and we'll take a vote from there. (I'm bringing The Black Dahlia.)

Speaking of books and things, my must-read list has . . . grown somewhat since last time. It's gotten so I have to break these things up into categories so I can get my head around them easier. There's stuff friends recommended to me (Dust of Wonderland, Unwind); stuff I'm reading for research on my YA sci-fi series (The Hunger Games, Interworld); movies I seen and need to read the books for (City of Ember, Inkheart, Dreamcatcher); movies I'm curious about and want to read the books first (The Lovely Bones, The Ruins, The Black Dahlia); author support for various folks I met either here or at Absolute Write (A Local Habitation, Timothy and the Dragon's Gate, Evernight); and stuff I just need to read sometime before I die (Dune, The Canterbury Tales, Treasure Island).

And nope, that's not all of it. *gulp* I'll make it a summer project. Maybe.


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