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Hey gang!

I'm going out of town this weekend to pursue a full time job opportunity and I'm SUPER excited about it. Don't want to say too much because I don't want to jinx it, but it is another library, for a college, in Maryland, and I have *connections* there and a place to stay, at least for this weekend. So fingers crossed!! The reason I'm bringing this up here is I'm going dark on Internet while I'm away, just to focus and try to get some things done. I might watch Spider-Man: Homecoming while I'm there. (If anyone in the area knows about local theaters/would like to join me, let me know!)

Also--my review for Gerard Way's Doom Patrol is up! Link!! IT IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS!! I tried to keep this one professional, because it was for the library, but I'm writing another one to post on [personal profile] glitter_n_gore so I can gush properly, so stay tuned for that. But yeah, you need to read this comic. Exceeded all my expectations, it did.

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When all else fails, use a Monty Python quote.

So! August kicked my ass, but September's been treating me okay. Well, more or less. I got back to work on my novel, and I think I'm rolling again. We had our book club meeting at work, everyone loved The Graveyard Book, but they didn't all get through Dorian Gray because it was, like, too hard. Sigh. Oh well. I tried. Next up: Water for Elephants. I also picked up a couple things that I've had on hold forever at the library: Hunted, the most recent installment of the House of Night Series; and Loop, the final part of Koji Suzuki's Ring cycle. I'm excited about having time to read again.

Over in the Halloween Candy comm, one of our users posted a challenge that I think looks really fun. I haven't quite finalized my list yet, but I am going share it once I do.

Also: the Vampocalypse Continues. I'm all over Cirque du Freak, because if John C. Reilly's in it, you know it's good. The other one? Not so much. (Well, at least True Blood's over. For now.)


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