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WOOO!!!! *happy dance* I love birthdays. I don't even know what I want this year--well, apart from [livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire's latest, because that comes out very shortly after my b-day, but I'm gonna get that myself with one of the giftcards I always get from someone.

Did anyone get April Fool'd this year? I didn't. Unless you count The Fates, because I got fucked over royally trying to get to work yesterday.

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Well, my NaNo's at a bit of standstill right now, and when I get stuck on writing I tend to watch movies, and the movies I tend to watch tend to star hot men. Have some icons.

Masonobu Ando [5]
Ben Barnes [7]
Heath Ledger [6]
Taylor Kitsch [9]
Jackson Rathbone [7]


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By the way, if someone would let me know how to stamp those little numbered tags on icons, the way I see them so often around here, I'd really appreciate it. (I do like keeping things tidy.)
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Ah, nothing like summer to pimp my local library for all it's worth! (And nothing like an economic recession to point me towards the library rather than the bookstore for a change. Saving is good!)

Just finished: Charlaine Harris's Dead and Gone, the latest installment of the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire novels. It actually came out two months ago, but I didn't get around to reading it right away because A) no money, no time, etc. and B) it's been so long since I read the preceeding books, I decided to do a reread of the whole series before picking it up. I was not impressed. There's way too many fairies in this "vampire" book for my liking, and it still left me wanting Moar Eric. I may be ready to throw in the towel on this series for good.

HOWEVER, I have more plans for the reading I feel I should do this year.

The list thus far: )

Of course, on top of all this is my constant rereading and editing of my novel; my work on various other stories in various states of completion, including fanfiction; my quest for a library school not too far from home that will both accept me and teaches in-class, rather than by computer; and of course my existing chores, debts, and full-time work stuff. Wish me luck!
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So I watched Twilight on DVD on Saturday. First time I'd seen the movie since the theater, as a matter of fact. Smokey fell asleep (she'd already watched it three times that day, haha) but oh, it was good fun.

I define myself as a lolfan - which means I kinda think the whole thing's ridiculous and more than a little silly, but I still love it. But especially the movie. Of the books, Eclipse is my favorite. Partly because it has a real, slow-building plot and a respectable amount of vampire violence, but mostly because of badass Confederate!Jasper. But anyway! When the movie first came out, there was a list of reasons somewhere on the internet why the movie was better than the book. So I've decided to compile a list of 10 reasons why I squee over the movie - and the surrounding fandom - personally.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Ready, go! )

All righty - time to watch the movie again!
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So, I didn't sleep last night. Well, I did eventually, but not before this happened:

Rhoda's bad, bad, bad night... )

Anyway, my plans for the day are as follows: go to the jewelry store and pick up a watch I had repaired for my mom, get a new pair of shoes because I currently have three - yes, three - with holes in them and that just won't do, get more applications for various jobs that aren't 'bakery cashier,' edit my novel (some more), and go to Smokey's to watch Twilight on BluRay. I've never before seen a BluRay in action before, so I am VERY much looking forward to that! And looking forward to being dazzled by Jacksper again. *sigh* That boy doesn't get nearly enough screentime.
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So, I was out of town this weekend for my cousin's baby shower, and on the drive back, Mom mentioned library science as a possible career path for me. I hate my job right now (bakery cashier, blah-de-blah, boring, blah), I have a BA in English, and I don't want to be a teacher. (I can tolerate kids. Sometimes. If I'm in a good enough mood. But not their crazy parents or the beaurocratic nonsense that goes with teaching.) So, libaries! I like libraries. It's an idea.

Commence Phase 1 of getting Rhoda a new job: I search various internet databases for colleges nearby that offer such a program for college graduates. So far, I have one possibility, but it focuses on libraries WITHIN the local high school system (thank you, no) and the current adminstrator for said program has 'retired.' So who am I supposed to contact? No frickin' idea.

In conjuction with Phase 1 is my hunt for a new shitty job that will pay better and not destroy my soul as much as the bakery cashier thing. Possible candidates: bookstores, waitressing, and Starbucks. Because I do have experience with barista-ing, and rumor has it that (unlike my current workplace) they actually get to take tips. (Also, if I hit up Starbucks, I might get to work with Pretty Eyes. Pretty Eyes is a bakery regular that I totally fell in love with the second he first showed up, about two years ago. He works at Starbucks. And he has shoulder-length reddish-brown hair and eyes like Jackson Rathbone. No, really.)

So now, having hit a roadblock with the college hunting, I'm off to fill out applications at various bookstores and coffee shops until it's time to go back to work. Wish me luck!


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