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Okay, I don't know if anyone else will be as amused by this as I was, but I have to share it. So every year (as of last year-ish) Gerard Way and Worm* do this charity livestream thing where they play board games and make art and take donations. Here is the promotional whatsit for this year's stream, coming up the second week in August.

ANYWAY, in the "fangirl mode on, must know all the things!" rabbit hole I fell into when I heard about this, I found a completely different stream with Worm and this dude Bill badgering Gerard into playing "Dead By Daylight." The game is EXTREMELY violent, they all swear a lot, and I recognize not everyone is into watching playthroughs like I am, but it's also pretty funny.

Just FYI, a solid twenty minutes collectively is them futzing with STEAM bc the game is in Beta and not loading all the way (and Gerard has trouble figuring out the controls), but about 9 minutes in is when they start playing the first time; and about 47 minutes in is when Gerard takes the role of the killer. AND THEN SHIT GETS REAL.

*If that name sounds familiar, it's because he used to be MCR's bodyguard/merch guy. I'm 75% sure I've met him at least twice.
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And we're back! Maybe this time we'll actually get to the titular creepy-town. When last we left our plucky protagonist, Heather (aka Sharon, aka Cheryl, aka Alessa), she was cramming every Inventory Item she could grab into her Vest of Holding and preparing to flee the scene with Jon "Vincent" Snow. I don't think I mentioned this, but the police are after her because they think she killed Douglas Cartland.

Anyway. . .

On Route 666

During the drive, Heather uncovers two things in her stash. The first is a letter from her Not!Dad, explaining why that one guy who tracked them down a few moves and hair-colorings ago wasn't just a random burglar, but a member of the Order who wants to bring her back to Silent Hill.


Yeah, Heather's gonna ignore that.

The second thing is a Strategy Guide:

strategy guide

Read more... )Guess we'll reload from here next time. To be continued!
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I've been threatening to do something like this for a while now. It is time. First, a couple disclaimers: I claim ownership of nothing except my copy of the DVD and a backlog of way more knowledge of the game-verse than anyone should have. And I am not even a gamer. This recap is partly for my own amusement, partly to help *explain* what I think is actually going on with the plot, because the script and the clunky exposition sure won't help you.

SPOILERS for the movie/games, of course, and it is rated R for language/violence, but I'll try to keep the screencaps Safe For Work.

Ready? Then let's recap Silent Hill Revelation!

Lakeside Amusement Park

Heather, our plucky protagonist, is having a nightmare. Empty stalls, Robbie the Rabbit plushies, dirty fishbowls, bad lighting, etc. Look, an empty carousel! Powered by a giant Pyramid Head thing! What could possibly go wrong!

Alessa: You will NEVER defeat me!

Mall Goth Alessa
Alessa's fire game is strong in this movie. Her Mall Goth look is not.

Read more... )

Since we've just reached a Save Point, I think it's fitting to leave things there for now. To be continued!
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What with all my gushing over Twilight, I reckon you guys know by now how I feel about vampires. But what about the supernatural creatures that get overshadowed by vamps in pop culture nowadays? I like a good ghost story as well as any dark fantasy buff. Supernatural horror has always meant more to me than the more realistic serial-killer splatterpunk type of stories. So today, because I'm in a list-making mood, I'm going to give y'all a run down of my favorite ghost stories - in a couple different formats of storytelling, and in no particular order. Ready, go! )

What are some of your favorite ghost stories?


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