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ROUND 1 / many

FanGirl: I can't find a SINGLE Birthday Massacre album at any brick and mortar store anywhere, waaaaah!

Financial Adviser: Okay, that's irritating and all, but really you shouldn't be spending money on anything but gas, bills, and food right now.

FanGirl: I wonder if Barnes and Noble can order it for me. They know me in there.

Financial Adviser: Yes, you could do that, or you could keep listening to those two CDs you found at the library three weeks ago.

FG: I want the new one though!

FA: Are you...tired of Superstition?

FG: Of course not! But it's a library copy and it's not the same. There's no lyrics. There's no liner notes. And I can't add it on my computer because of the security widget!

FA: Just be patient. You will be able to buy it, and the new one, and all the others eventually.

FG: But what if I go to a live show and I don't know any new songs? How will that make me look?

FA: No one cares, I promise. And that's assuming they even come to VA while they're on tour.

FG: They might!

FA: Well, you can probably stream the whole album on--


FA: *sigh* No, no it isn't, but you have options that don't include spending money.

FG: But...Barnes and Noble! I have a membership discount card!

FA: You have $20 to stretch until next Friday. And you need to put gas in your car.

FG: I also have a credit card!

FA: NO. This is why we didn't want to get one, remember? You need to get that paid off, quit using it for non-emergency stuff.

FG: Okay, okay. WHAT IF I wait until my next paycheck, and then order it online? Oh look, it's actually cheaper to get it directly from their website!

FA: Plus shipping. And taxes. And don't forget you have to renew your car registration next month. And then we'll see.

FG: ...

FA: ...

FG: ...But I waaaaaant iiiiiit!

FA: OH just make some icons or something!

/END (for now)
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Okay, I don't know if anyone else will be as amused by this as I was, but I have to share it. So every year (as of last year-ish) Gerard Way and Worm* do this charity livestream thing where they play board games and make art and take donations. Here is the promotional whatsit for this year's stream, coming up the second week in August.

ANYWAY, in the "fangirl mode on, must know all the things!" rabbit hole I fell into when I heard about this, I found a completely different stream with Worm and this dude Bill badgering Gerard into playing "Dead By Daylight." The game is EXTREMELY violent, they all swear a lot, and I recognize not everyone is into watching playthroughs like I am, but it's also pretty funny.

Just FYI, a solid twenty minutes collectively is them futzing with STEAM bc the game is in Beta and not loading all the way (and Gerard has trouble figuring out the controls), but about 9 minutes in is when they start playing the first time; and about 47 minutes in is when Gerard takes the role of the killer. AND THEN SHIT GETS REAL.

*If that name sounds familiar, it's because he used to be MCR's bodyguard/merch guy. I'm 75% sure I've met him at least twice.
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ETA After taking y'all's advice: WOW WYNONNA EARP IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS!!! You just saved me so many hours of frustration and disappointment. THANK YOU!!! *HUGS ALL AROUND*

Inner Fangirl: Hey! Hey, Rhoda!

Oh god, what is it now?

Inner Fangirl: I noticed once you’re done with Hannibal you’ll be caught up on most of the things on your List until the Fall.

Why do I feel scared?

Inner Fangirl: I have an idea.

Oh please no.

Inner Fangirl: We should watch Sherlock.

No. No, we shouldn’t.

Inner Fangirl: C’mon, it’ll be fun! There’re only 6 episodes per season!

Yeah but they’re like 2 hours each.

Inner Fangirl: You’re a binge-watcher, you can do it!

But I’ve heard things. The casually misogynistic dialogue. The queerbaiting.

Inner Fangirl: We can write SO MANY BLOGS!

The awkward accidental nudity. You KNOW we hate accidental awkward nudity.

Inner Fangirl: We can reuse our Game of Thrones T&A counter!

Why do we even have that, it’s a terrible idea.

Inner Fangirl: But we have to complete the SuperWhoLock trifecta!


Inner Fangirl: It’s set in London! Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch in TAILORED SUITS!


Inner Fangirl: There’s even one set in Victorian Times!!!! With the pipe and the floppy hat and everything!!!!!!!

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(I can stop blogging about Supernatural ANY TIME I WANT.)


Now I know what it feels like to experience a Supernatural finale in real time. And holy shit, this was a doozy.

Black & white GIF of Dean holding finger-gun to his head,
and Sam drawing a finger across his throat.


Garments were rent, tables were flipped, tears were shed. And then the fandom broke Twitter. I’m not even being hyperbolic, because this time I WAS THERE.

Spoiler-ish, but not going into detail. Tread carefully.

Let's talk about expectation. )
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Fangirl Me: You know what I should do?

Rational Me: Is this going to be one of those "blog series" you get super excited about for like three weeks and then ghost on? Because you know how that--

Fangirl Me: A Harry Potter Retrospective!!!!!!!

Rational Me: Well, that answers that question.

Fangirl Me: I mean, it's the 20th anniversary of the first book coming out through Scholastic, and we have been rereading the series and just finished the first one again.

Rational Me: Okaaaaaay, but last time you decided to reread the books, you got stuck on Goblet of Fire.

Fangirl Me: I could even do something on the blog for the library!

Rational Me: You got distracted by X-Files or Penny Dreadful or one of your other eleventy-million fandoms.

Fangirl Me: I could do a Horror Tie-In about Daniel Radcliffe's increasingly bizarre and freaky post-Potter career choices!!!!

Rational Me: You still haven't finished those two multi-chapter fanfics you decided to post on Ao3, and have been drafting three others that are also unfinished.

Fangirl Me: Does Amazon have the "extended" cuts of the movies? I only got the theatrical cuts with the deleted scenes on another disc. I really should update my video library.

Rational Me: You still don't have The Deathly Hallows on DVD, in ANY format. Part 1 OR Part 2.


Rational Me: We're doomed....


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