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This one knocked the wind out of me. I tried to write something eloquent and insightful and came up empty. I never saw Linkin Park live. Despite going to Projekt Revolution in 2007. (We left before their set. Not getting into why because it's not the time, and yes, I'm kicking myself.) Which means although I wouldn't call myself a "fan" on the same level as their actual fanbase, they did give me the best damn summer of my life and I cannot thank them enough.

That said, this is my favorite song:

Please, please, take care of yourselves. All of you.
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Of course I'm still punning. Don't judge me.

Sometime last week, I dunno quite when, I realized that we had a couple more Buck-Leming episodes in the can before the S12 finale. On top of that, I realized we have another "fan favorite" character who was introduced by Robbie Thompson, and who was brought back on for a couple more episodes. Cue me going, "Oh fuck, Eileen's gonna die, isn't she?" Not JUST me, mind you. And I'd much rather have my increasing cynicism subverted and thrown in my face than have it validated. Seriously, this is not the kind of Told You So I enjoy.

SPOILERS if you need to know that, but know also: I’m done here. Fuck this show.

GIF of Loki whacking a plebian upside the head
w text reading “Not Today Peasant”


I should just catch up on Sense8 instead. )
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If you somehow missed the foolishness in Marvel comics last weekend, this just happened.

This matters why? Well, it matters to me because I am a practicing Pagan with a strong affinity for Trickster archetypes and Norse mythology, and I just found out Neo-Nazis claim Thor’s hammer as one of their symbols. That messed me up a LOT. This must be a little like how moderate-to-liberal Christians feel when hard-right assholes do asshole things in the name of their God. Actually, there’s no end to the otherwise innocuous symbols fascist garbage people will glom onto: the original Swastika, jackboots, this John Carpenter movie for some reason, milk, New Balance sneakers, heavy metal, punk rock, and red shoelaces, to name just a few.

Although in fairness, I’m not sure whether the red shoelaces are a thing in real life or if that was invented for the movie Green Room. (Tangent: Watch Green Room. But gird your loins if you were especially fond of Anton Yelchin. It’s nasty. I watched it way sooner than I should have.)

Anyway, they’re apparently super into Norse stuff and vikings in general, because White People, or Superior Warrior Race, or something. Making Captain America a Nazi sympathizer was bad enough. Handing him Thor’s hammer and declaring him “worthy” of it is SO MUCH WORSE.

GIF of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers w/ text reading, “Son, just don’t.”

Go home, Spencer, you’re drunk. )
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Once upon a time, I decided to do a Disney Princess retrospective. I got stuck after Aladdin because Pocahontas comes immediately after that one and I hated it, BUT. I did review 1991's Beauty and the Beast before I cashed out. (Side note: One day I am going to go back and fix all the dead links and filtered image uploads in my port over from LJ, but today is not that day.)

In the ongoing trend of Disney swallowing its own tail, I mean going after nostalgic cash grabs, I mean creating live action reinventions of their most beloved animated features, the next one in the queue is my mother's very favorite Disney movie. I also have a strong amount of personal fondness for it, and Belle is probably my favorite Disney princess after Elsa in Frozen. (Tiana from the criminally under-appreciated Princess and the Frog is tied in that second-place slot, by the way.) It's been on my list since I found out it was happening. Regardless of the stellar cast and gorgeous trailer, there was no way I was going to not see this movie in theaters, with Mom.

But here's why I'm talking about it today: They are making LeFou gay. Let the overreactive pearl-clutching begi--WELL DAMN, THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG.

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Hey, remember last recap when I was talking about how I don’t see the Dean/Castiel thing as “queerbaiting” and this show is one of the things I’m clinging to so as not to focus on how much the world sucks right now?


GIF of Felicia Day w text saying 'You Can Go Fuck Yourself.'

Long, ranty post is long and ranty. Welcome to the reason I picked this username. )
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So. The SFF community has been . . . chaotic lately. The gender wars have amplified to absurd levels and defenses are going up on all sides. It's mighty hazardous out there, and I've gone back and forth a bit over whether I wanted to comment on any of this or not, and just what I wanted to say should I decide to post anything.

Eventually, after much consideration and false starts, this is what I wound up with.

Let's talk about cred checking... )

ETA: Ms. McGuire has posted a follow-up post on the tendency of female geeks to list off their creds as a preemptive strike.
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I am unlocking this entry because I want it to be seen. Many people have already blogged about this, but I'm adding my voice as well because the more, the better.

SOPA stands for "Stop Online Piracy Act."

Depending on how long you've known me, some of you already know how I feel about internet piracy. To be blunt, I hate it. As a writer, I don't think it's fair that some hacker out there in the ether could take it upon him or herself to steal my work and put it up for someone else to gank for free. I think it's disrespectful to not be supportive of an artist, downloading their material instead of buying them.

That is my opinion, which I came to after careful consideration, and I share it when the subject comes up. I made a choice not to illegally download, and I encourage others to make that choice as well--but it's still their decision.

SOPA wants to make those decisions for everyone now. Many writers (and possibly other artists, but I mostly check out writers' blogs) have already made it VERY clear that whatever SOPA thinks they're doing on behalf of artists is not okay. I am vehemently opposed to this act now that I know how it will actually function.

But first, let's talk about the history of the piracy war:

Remember Napster? That happened when I was in college, which means this war has been going on for my ENTIRE adult life. I am passionate about my stance on it, and can be quite vocal and obnoxious if I'm allowed to get going. (Some of you on my f'list may have experienced this personally, so sorry about that. I do get on a roll sometimes.)

At first, I, like many teenagers, didn't see what the problem was. And I still don't believe most people who download music, movies, and TV shows do so with malicious intent. In the beginning especially, the most that passed through our heads was, "Hey, free stuff! Awesome!" Then the crackdowns started, and many of us felt real smug about sticking it to The Man and getting away with it.

Then, the musicians piped up and said, "Hey, guys, seriously, that's not cool. Quit stealing our stuff." This isn't about money and never has been. If these artists wanted to make their work available for free, that's what they would have done in the first place. Someone went behind their backs, including fans, and that's what stung.


Once we all had a better idea about how the people who actually created the work--as opposed to The Man--felt about it, some of us changed our minds. Me being one of them. What you ultimately decided is your choice, and I might disagree with you (sometimes loudly and obnoxiously), but the key thing is the choice itself.

I understand the desire to stop pirates in their tracks. But the recording industry tried slapping massive lawsuits on twelve-year-old music fans a while back, and did that stop the pirates? Hells no. Did it stop anyone downloading? Pfft.

SOPA will not stop them either. Internet pirates have always been smarter, faster and meaner than any of the people trying to stop them, and are probably figuring out a way to navigate around this massive potential firewall--or might have done by now already.

This piece of legislation is not targeting pirates. It's targeting EVERY website that could potentially contain copyrighted material not being used by its original owner.

What this means is:

All you people who make avatars, wallpapers and banners out of pictures that you didn't personally take yourself? Your blogs are history.

The social networking sites on which people use those avatars, such as the entirety of LiveJournal, Blogger and WordPress? Gone.

The image-hosting sites you went to to get those pictures in the first place, like Tumbler, DeviantArt, Photobucket? Outta here.

Search engines that may have brought you to those image-hosting sites, like Bing, Google, Yahoo? Forget it.

Text-based research and information wikis that use similar images on specific entries, like TV Tropes and WikiPedia? Not a chance.

Basically, this act will allow the US government to police, control and filter everything on the ENTIRE internet.


They can do it without any hard evidence, and without giving you a court hearing first.

This is not justice. This is a witch hunt, and pirates will be the last people harmed or even mildly inconvenienced by it.

I think it speaks volumes that the very people SOPA claims it's trying to protect--writers and artists--are NOT OKAY with this.

I am not okay with this.

We wanted you to make the pirates walk the plank. We did NOT want you to build us our own Great Firewall.
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I am blogging at 7am because I woke up with an itch in my brain that needed scratching. Something that I noticed yesterday was bugging me on a superficial level, and my sleeping brain has just now figured out why: Someone at the cafe stole $20 from my wallet.

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ETA: I'm an idiot. Nothing's stolen. I just forgot about the acapella concert I went to this week and the CD that I bought there. D'oh! (Needless to say, I called the cafe back to clear up the misunderstanding. This is why I don't normally get up before 10. My brain just doesn't WORK if it's still in single digits.)
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No, it's not real, but lyre birds are pretty amazing--great mimics. If you put one next to a radio for a while, it might come up with something pretty damn close. (Part of me wants to get a Twitter account just to send this to Shin...)
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Talking about separate things here, by the way. My personal news is not related to the bad world news, I mean.

Cut for space... )
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....in which Rhoda's week continues to suck. )
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Apparently mom was saving her crazy for another day. Thanks all for the comments on my previous entry, but....well, here's what happened: )


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