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Hey gang! This is me uploading all my previously un-uploaded graphix so I can put them onto my new computer (say hi to PaqMan, everyone!), and since they're mostly icons, I might as well share. Gank and credit to your hearts' content!

Cinema Bizarre - 11
Criss Angel - 2
Battle Royale - 2
Lovex - 4
Trent Reznor - 3
Tony Jaa - 1
Sleepy Hollow - 1
Miscellaneous - 2

All under the cut. )

*That quote is taken from this review of Mira Grant's Feed--just so all due credit is out in the open. (She said she wanted it on a shirt, but I don't make shirts. So I made an icon.)
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Big giant graphix post, as promised! Many fandoms, therefore many pictures (of many sizes). This time, instead of doing just icons, I made some "Friends Only" banners as well. I don't lock my journal, because honestly I just don't see the point, but I know some folks do so I threw some stuff together.




Cinema Bizarre - 2
Chiaki Kuriyama - 1
A Clockwork Orange - 1
The Crow - 1
Dorian Gray - 1
True Blood - 1

Under Here )



Cinema Bizarre - 10
Chiaki Kuriyama* - 7
*as Gogo Yubari - 4
Emma Watson - 12
The Neverending Story - 6
Stargate - 3
Now let's see if I can figure out how to work this template thingy.... )

Gank, upload and credit!
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This is for [livejournal.com profile] stormkpr, because it's her birthday this week, and also she keeps telling me I ought to do one of these things. Full reviews and book covers under the multiple cuts. (Book covers ganked off of Amazon and Google Images, respectively.)

The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde

When the young, handsome Dorian Gray meets Lord Henry Wotton, he adopts a philosophy of constant pleasure and style, and a life of hedonism and excess. But he also makes a terrible oath involving a stunning portrait done by the painter Basil Hallward, an oath that costs him his humanity and ultimately his life. Before vampires arrived in popular culture to make immortal damnation sexy, there was Dorian Gray and his cursed portrait.
So you think that it is only God who sees the soul, Basil? Draw that curtain back, and you will see mine. )

The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman

Nobody Owens is orphaned as an infant, and the residents - meaning dead folks - of a nearby graveyard take him in and care for him. You've heard the phrase "it takes a village to raise a child" - in this story, it takes a graveyard. But of course, there's a reason that Nobody's family was killed, and the man who did the deed knows his work isn't finished yet. Now a Newbury Winner for children's literature.
The dead should have charity. )

Battle Royale, Koushun Takami

Anyone who's been following my Halloween Candy comm lately knows the basic plot of this story: in the not-so-distant future in the Republic of Greater East Asia, a horrible rite of passage is placed on the nations youth: to be unwillingly taken to a remote island, armed to the teeth, and forced to kill each other over a period of 24 hours. If anyone tries to escape, that person dies. If they try to remove the electronic collars around their necks, they die. If there's more than one survivor after the 24 hours are up, they all die. Why? Read on to find out.
We won't stop till we win. )

Hunted, P.C. and Kristin Cast

The fifth book in the House of Night series, Hunted is the one that finally reaches the real plot. It's easy to be hooked by the premise - a Vampyre finishing school that's part coven lair, part Hogwarts, and part ancient pagan community - but this is where the story really gets rolling. Neferet, the High Priestess and leader of the school, has turned to the dark side by summoning an ancient evil: the fallen angel Kalona, a demonic and enthralling being that was once held captive by a tribe of Native American wise women called the Ghigua. And now, not only is he back to start a reign of darkness with Neferet at his side, but he wants our narrator, Zoey Redbird, to join him as his consort. So it's up to Zoey and her talented friends to stop him.
I'm seventeen! I can't save the world--I can't even parallel park! )

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Yes, it was a week from hell, and the only good thing about it was discovering Battle Royale. (Which was pretty kick-ass, I admit, and I'm SO glad I had something to keep me from keeling over altogether.) Okay, actually, it was more like an extended Weekend from Hell, but....well, let's backtrack:

FRIDAY: I spent the night at our old house, which was so full of fleas that I couldn't stand anywhere for longer than five seconds without getting eaten alive. (Yes, I timed them. And then I vacuumed the house.)

SATURDAY: Came home to spend the night in my old room, because our guests (we had guests) were invited to come hang out in the more private downstairs bedroom (which I'd been using since my brother moved out) because they were on a sort of belated, weekend pseudo-honeymoon thing. Which was very nice for them, but the walls in my old room are so paperthin you can hear EVERYTHING up there, even the TV downstairs if it's on at all. Not even on loud, just ON. So they were chatting (they also had guests this night - oh yeah, which meant I had to park on the damn street because the driveway was full) up until around 1am, at which point I couldn't get to sleep immediately because I just can't do that when I'm already awake and annoyed. And then the puppydog parked herself outside my door at around 4am, whining and needing to go out.

SUNDAY: Came to work operating on roughly three hours of sleep, total, and found out that the manager who usually does our schedules is on vacation, so our GM (the one taking up the schedule making) chose to put it together without looking at the request book IN WHICH I'D MADE VERY CLEAR REQUESTS TO HAVE MEMORIAL WEEKEND OFF LIKE A MONTH AGO, and scheduled me to work this weekend. So now, even though my shifts are covered, I'm losing more hours than I should, and I CANNOT afford to lose any more hours.

MONDAY: Slept until 4pm, then did laundry and watched Battle Royale again, because fuck 'em all.

TUESDAY: Found out I didn't actually have Monday off. *sob* So I took over someone else's shift to make up the hours. I blamed my dyslexia, lack of sleep, and general overdose of HELL.

Now, it all finally appears to be really over, I am going on a little Memorial Weekend camping trip, and dear God do I need one.

In the meantime, my Battle Royale review is here.

Stay tuned for my Movies In Fifteen Minutes entry - finished writing it this morning, it just needs coding.
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Just making something to link back to, don't mind me...


More under here )

As always, gank and upload to your hearts' content, just so long as you give credit where it's due. Enjoy!


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