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Hi! A lot's been happening! And I wrote some stuff! Have a buncha links!!!

My Werewolf Pride series over at [personal profile] glitter_n_gore is . . . gonna go over Pride Month, actually, but screw it these things never work out how I expect them to. Here's the one on Lupin, and here's the one on Ethan Chandler from Penny Dreadful.

At the library, I wrote a thing about Wonder Woman and another thing about American Gods.

I also wrote a thing for the paper about Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology, which I'm NOT linking elseweb because it's got a huge picture of my damn FACE. I'm cool with you guys seeing it, but what the hell. I dunno who took over their web master duties, but guest reviewer photos go on the BOTTOM. And are very small. The header should be an image of the actual book. Like, nobody knows who I am, that image is going to draw in zero readers. Also I dunno why some editors somehow make the grammar and spelling WORSE but I assure any mistakes you see in this article aren't mine this time. Pfft. /rant

Other things I did not write include: WAYWARD SISTERS!!! THAT LADY-CENTERED SUPERNATURAL SPINOFF THE FANDOM HAS BEEN BEGGING FOR!!!! IT IS HAPPENING!!!!!!!! Here is one of many "OMG FLAIL FLAIL FLAIL (pleasedontfuckitup)" speculation/wishlist think pieces out there so I don't have to write one myself.

But I do have a few provisos to add to it. Putting these under a cut so they don't take up too much space....


♦ Robbie Thompson for showrunner. I liked Sera Gamble's run more than most, but I think she's better at slow-burn character development than seasonal plot arcs or legitimately scary Final Boss monsters. BUT YES do please keep Sera Gamble on as a contributing writer, along with Nancy Won and Robbie Berens. Jenny Klein can stay in her own damn corner though. I appreciated "Hibbing 911" and she comes up with really flamboyant, creative ideas, but her sense of humor is kind of . . . mean. Eh, maybe if she isn't asked to write lines of dialogue for Dean I'll find her less irritating. YMMV.

♦ Bring back Krissy. And that blond werewolf chick from the Paranormal Activity episode. And the lesbian couple from the Insidious episode. Oh, and the Banes twins, because I desperately want to protect them from their certain inevitable deaths should they be brought back in SPN proper.

♦ This suggestion includes SPOILERS the Season 12 finale, so skip past it if you aren't caught up yet. GOTHIE THIS MEANS YOU. So, we have access to an AU now, which gives the writers free rein to do things like change the rules of how magic works, show us beloved killed-off characters in a new light, and different types of weapons that either fritz out or get EVEN MORE POWERFUL when they travel between universes. I personally would like to see Jessica back, because seriously, who the fuck fridges Adrienne Palicki, that still confuses the bejeebers out of me. She's a knife-throwing assassin on Agents of SHIELD, got thisclose to playing Diana Fucking Prince on a cancelled-before-airtime reboot of the Wonder Woman TV show, and was a snarkilicious, brilliant badass on Friday Night Lights. All her other characters are Wayward AF. I want her back, and I want that recognized. My personal headcanon goes like this: Since the Winchesters were never born in the AU, Jessica *has* to still be alive since the only reason Azazel killed her in the pilot was to piss off Sam. So she's still around, and because she was clever enough to get into Stanford Law, she's been running an underground spy network with the other survivors of the dusty apocalypse. Obviously this includes Charlie, who is also not-dead, because fuck "Dark Dynasty" and the shitty Franken-Nazi horse it rode in on. The two of them get close while working together on computer-research-spy-survivor stuff, and THEY are dating now. Tell me this isn't a brilliant idea. YOU ARE WELCOME. SPOILERS over.

♦ The Winchesters should still show up from time to time, in the same way and with similar frequency as when the Doctor showed up on The Sarah Jane Adventures. Not enough to pull focus, but enough to remind the audience that this is the same universe and they sometimes need an extra pair of hands or a reference book from the Men of Letters library.

♦ No more humanoid monsters. Let me say that again: NO MORE HUMANOID MONSTERS. Move past that nonsense. This is a world with everything from zombies to wendigos to dragons, and yet they all basically look like people with extra teeth or weird-colored eyes or wings. I need y'all to try a little harder. Bring a flesh-eating sofa to life. Sentient abstract concepts that manifest as light, color, or shapes that slowly alter your perception of reality. A demonic parasite that forces you to obsessively recite the alphabet. Okay, I stole that last one from David Lynch, but c'mon, you can do better than contact lens and the occasional goat head.


Sense8, while still cancelled, is not ending on a cliffhanger as folks feared when the cancellation was announced. Lana Wachowski released this open letter describing a two-hour wrap up finale/followup type thing that will satisfy viewers' curiosity and give them some closure. It's not quite like bringing back the show altogether, but it's better than nothing. More importantly, this, along with the Wayward Sisters spinoff, proves that fans can get shit done. Network heads don't entirely ignore us and that's important to remember. I....just wish I actually *liked* Sense8 so I could share in this victory with you. I'm very happy for fans of the series that this is happening, but I uh, still haven't watched Season 2. (There are reasons for this, but seeing as this is a Happy Joy Yay Good Things time for the fandom, I'm not going to talk about them today.) I will say that announcing the cancellation of the most unapologetically queer show on Netflix at the beginning of Pride Month was a shit thing to do, so I'm glad they "fixed" it (sort of) while we're still in June. It's a small favor, but still.
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