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GIF of Gal Gadot smashing into a German war room and KICKING SO MUCH ASS.

I will NOT darken this post with any of the stupid knee-jerk crap churning around from the butthurt doofuses who don't want to see this make money. BECAUSE IT IS ALREADY MAKING SO MUCH MONEY! Last I heard, it has already passed the $95 million mark and IT IS ONLY FRIDAY!

Short, spoiler-free review first:

Origin story! This is Where Diana Came From and What She Did during WWI. Lots of really cool stuff with the Amazons in the beginning--including Princess Buttercup herself, Robin Wright-Penn, which I did not know about beforehand--and then more cool stuff in London and the German front. Lots and lots of fighting, very messagey in places, but in a "Siddown, child, and allow me to lay some truth bombs on ya!" kind of way, which was IMMENSELY satisfying. The first actual, proper, war zone fight scene actually made me cry. It was overwhelming but in a good way.



Bullet points, because I am still too full of squee to be coherent.

--> Okay, so I went with my mom, who is MUCH more well-read in the DC verse than I am (I read Vertigo and Batman, that's about it, at least with DC), and she kept chiming in with little details from the comics that I didn't know about. "Oh yay, Steve found his motorcycle--Steve always has a motorcycle in the comics!" and "I mean, this is a cool reveal, but in the comics she is an Amazon, not a Goddess." Stuff like that. Which is fascinating in its own way, but I'm bringing it up here because I still find it amusing that she knows even more about this than I do. (She's very excited about Green Lantern joining the Justice League.) (I come from a very long line of geeks, guys.)

--> Last year I had a rant going about LGBT representation in superhero movies in general, and said this: "[I]f the Wonder Woman movie doesn’t have a single lesbian, at all? You will be hearing from me again." Oh yeah, I didn't forget! So, there's a bit where Diana and Steve are talking about Amazon versus Human (or rather, Western) customs, mainly marriage and Where Babies Come from. Interestingly, marriage is a foreign concept entirely; but Diana does understand the process of "procreation" and isn't even a little phased by it--OR by the concept of "pleasures of the flesh" as she calls it. In fact, there is a twelve-volume academic book series detailing said pleasures that she has read cover to cover. The author's conclusion was that men are needed for procreation, but unnecessary for pleasure. SO YEAH. LESBIANS EXIST IN THIS UNIVERSE. Also, I'm flailing over the fact that "marriage" "pleasure" and "making babies" are all things that exist in Diana's world, but none are necessarily dependent on the others, even if they happen to coincide sometimes. THAT IS A RIDICULOUSLY PROGRESSIVE STAND TO MAKE. I hope you guys can appreciate that.

--> I want to know more about the poison doctor, Dr. Isabel Maru. Played by Elena Anaya, who I swear I've seen in something before but I have no idea what. I love that there are women on both sides of this war--tough, intelligent, capable women. Given the Amazons' position of being protectors of the "world of men", it could have been easy to write off women in general as paragons of incorruptible pure pureness, but it didn't go there, and I am so glad. And as far as I can tell, Dr. Maru is still around. I want to know why she wears that rad steampunk half-mask. I want to know why she's so sadistic, yet vulnerable, but never weak. I want to write a fanfic spin-off with her and Dr. Frankenstein either teaming up or trying to out-monster each other. I WANT SO MUCH MORE DR. MARU. (I seriously need to read the comics.)

--> Diana is extremely sheltered, as her mother, Hippolyta, willfully kept information from her about her true identity. Again, given her ignorance about the world outside of the island, it would have been easy to portray her as a wide-eyed innocent who's only capable of taking care of herself because she happens to be superpowered. But nope! That didn't happen either. Diana is a natural leader who is not only willing to get right up in war generals' faces and yell, "You should be ashamed of yourselves!" when she sees them doing a wrong thing; but also to listen and empathize when Steve's team confide their own private struggles to her. She comes to the conclusion ON HER OWN that people are flawed and messy, but still worth saving, and dammit she is going to fight for them. She has both conviction and an eagerness to learn despite coming into this world almost blind to its entire history, and it is so, so well done.

--> Racial diversity, in a creeping towards being less awful way. There are black women on the Amazons' island, a few of whom have speaking roles. Also, Steve's team includes a Native American, who tells Diana about his people getting wiped out by Steve's people; and a Moroccan aspiring actor who can't get cast in anything because he's not white enough. As for Gal Gadot herself, I'll just point you here because I'm not really qualified to get into detail here. BUT if you need to see an Israeli actress pound some fascist soldiers into the dirt, this movie has a lot of that.

--> I remember having a conversation with a guy elseweb who was sure that a movie about Wonder Woman wasn't possible to do without it being really voyeuristic "just because of that costume". This was like two years ago, and I remember saying, "Dude, they just need a female director. THAT WILL FIX EVERYTHING." I'm giving myself a high five for CALLING IT because yep, female director = NO MALE GAZEY CREEPINESS! Vindicated I am. In your face, guy!

--> I want to see this twelve more times.
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