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Of course I'm still punning. Don't judge me.

Sometime last week, I dunno quite when, I realized that we had a couple more Buck-Leming episodes in the can before the S12 finale. On top of that, I realized we have another "fan favorite" character who was introduced by Robbie Thompson, and who was brought back on for a couple more episodes. Cue me going, "Oh fuck, Eileen's gonna die, isn't she?" Not JUST me, mind you. And I'd much rather have my increasing cynicism subverted and thrown in my face than have it validated. Seriously, this is not the kind of Told You So I enjoy.

SPOILERS if you need to know that, but know also: I’m done here. Fuck this show.

GIF of Loki whacking a plebian upside the head
w text reading “Not Today Peasant”


Disclaimer: I do not watch the Buck-Leming episodes. At all. Period. I’ve avoided them by checking IMDB's episode guide to see who's written that week's episode before clicking Play on the CW's website. (I'm always a day behind because I don't get home from work until 9 on Thursdays, but I believe those views count towards the ratings.) So this rant is coming from plot summaries and fandom rage that I'm picking up from other people who watched and hated it. So I know what *happened* but I did not technically watch it. If that makes a difference to anyone.

Minor background that may or may not be relevant: A few weeks back, prior to the episode when Mick got killed, Andrew Dabb tweeted this quote from Ender's Game: “In the moment I understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, in that moment I also love him.” This is when I starting suspecting Dabb does not care about his core audience's feelings or experiences at all. Why did this quote make me feel that way? Well, because it's from an Orson Scott Card book. There are two things you probably know about Orson Scott Card if you know anything about him at all: 1) He writes sci-fi, and 2) He hates gay people. I'd say "LGBT" but that presumes he knows anyone outside the G's even exists, and that's giving him way too much credit. Is it possible Dabb was quoting this out of context? Or that he doesn't know this about Card? Or that he's one of those, "Separate the art from the artist" people I can't relate to, even though I acknowledge that's a thing some people can do? Sure. But dude. If you're want to hang onto your marginalized audience members? DO NOT QUOTE FUCKING ORSON SCOTT CARD.

The character I'm pissed off about: Eileen, an awesome Hunter who is A) super well-developed and competent, B) disabled (she's deaf), and C) allegedly sweet on Sammy, and far as the fandom is concerned the feeling's mutual. I didn't see her previous episode where this sweetness happened, because again--Buck-Lemming. I don't watch their shit. No Exceptions. She was introduced last season in a Robbie Thompson episode about Banshees, and was one of the better examples of a disabled character I've seen on television. That's because her deafness was never used as a prop substituting for character development, or a shortcut to some plot contrivance or other.

What actually happened: Within the first fifteen minutes of "There's Something About Mary," Ketch set Hellhounds on Eileen and killed her. How is Ketch able to set Hellhounds on people when they haven't come to the end of their bargain? Why do they listen to him if he hasn't made a deal with a demon himself? Why don't they turn on him and attack once they've finished the job? Since Eileen is a groovy, resourceful Hunter and probably knows what Hellhounds are, why doesn't she have a pair of those hipster-chic Hellhound Vision glasses? Don't know, don't care. These two have a history of riding past things like logic, story structure, in-universe mythology, and established character traits to do whatever the crap they want, so it doesn't matter. Eileen is now dead because the Powers That Be decided they needed something for the Winchesters to feel sad about, and they need Mary around for the long haul. So they killed off the only marginalized female character left. In such a way that suggests her disability is the weakness that killed her. Y'know, because Hellhounds are invisible.


Who else have we got left? Anyone with some kind of marginalized identify for the dastardly duo to kill off before this wraps up?

Just one: Max the Nice Gay Black Witch. Max whose mother and sister died last week. Max who is amazingly well-written, competent, interesting, and gets along with the Winchesters. Max whose last appearance left an opening for a huge, complex, ongoing adventure hunting monsters with his back-to-life twig-sister, in which he tries to balance out the dark magic he picked up to save her against still using his powers for good. I like Max a lot and I'd watch the HELL out of an entire spin-off series starring his whole family. He's the only marginalized character we've got left. And we've got one more Buck-Lemming episode to go before the finale.

So let me call it right now: Max dies next.

I hope I'm wrong. But I have been emotionally distancing myself from any new character I do like, because what's the point if the showrunners are just going to kill them off later? Back in this ComicCon Q+A when someone asked why they decided to kill Charlie (YOU ARE NEVER FORGIVEN!), he waffled through some "But Game of Thrones!" justification garglemesh that I find . . . intriguing, although I vehemently disagree with it. He seems to think that getting attached to characters and then watching them die horribly is what keeps people glued to their screens and tuning in over and over. Maybe that's true for some people, but it's not true for me. Seeing a new episode come out no longer fills me with glee and excitement; instead it fills me with dread and a faint, queasy certainty that something--maybe not a beloved character death but something--will go down that will piss me off.

So, congratulations, Supernatural. You finally broke me. Between the grisly suicide attempt, the excessive queerbaiting (yes, I am calling it that now, and I have FEELINGS about the Mix Tape, which I’ll talk about LATER), the continued lack of presence of people of color--and their subsequent deaths when they do show up (four just this season--FOUR--five if I'm right about Max), the shameful lack of LGBT representation since Thompson left, and the sloppy, cobbled-together nature of this season's duel plot arcs and way too familiar End Of The World scenario . . . I'm done. I don't even care how this ends.

Part of me wonders of that was the goal all along. To sheer off the non-white, non-straight, non-male, non-cis, non-abled viewers and replace them with . . . well, everyone else. Considering that’s what the Angry Orange seems to want for my country right now, I can’t accept it in my fiction anymore. I don’t need this.

Does this mean I’m done with the fandom altogether? HELL no. I’ve got fanfic to catch up on. They’re doing a better job on the representation front anyway. I’ll be drowning my sorrows in Ao3 until further notice.

Good night, folks. Choose your fandoms wisely, and if all your friends tell you to quit after Season 5? LISTEN.
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